Creating the Future of Domain Development

Epik was founded in 2009 with the goal of giving domain investors an alternative to domain parking by delivering a series of value creation strategies that unlock the potential associated with an intuitive domain name. While parked sites had their benefits several years ago, today the majority of parked domains don't even bring in enough revenue to cover their registration fees and are completely ignored by the search engines. Epik aims to deliver an alternative to parking that not only dramatically outperforms parking but also makes the web work better.

The Epik approach is built on 4 primary beliefs:

1. Platforms are the key to cost-effective development

The key to building out a profitable portfolio of domain names is cost-efficiency and scale. If one could build dozens or even hundreds of truly useful sites in less time than developing one custom site, the economic benefits would be clear. And yet, because one size does not fit all, developing a single domain development platform, no matter how scalable, would be insufficient; some domain names might tend towards one type of implementation approach, perhaps as an online store, while others might be more appropriately built out as a directory of businesses. Consequently, Epik believes the key is to develop a family of interrelated development platforms targeted at the major use cases, and thus enable us to develop targeted, highly performing sites.

2. The next web will be comprised of a network of networks

Epik believes strongly in the synergies that proceed from building sites upon an interconnected network with horizontal components for core services such as user management, authentication, and user generated content creation. In the same way that a city is based on a unified approach to shared services like sewage, water, electric, etc., so do do domain developers and owners benefit from a unified approach to core functionality. Data sharing, aggregation and syndication are all improved by taking such an approach. Epik believes that such improvements are critical to increase both the utility of, and traffic to, domains. Consequently, our various development platforms are themselves based on a growing series of core services that help enrich the usability of each site while maximizing traffic, link-backs, and content syndication.

3. Managing the entire domain lifecycle is critical

The domain development industry is usually so focused on development that they forget there are other phases to the lifecycle of a domain. By optimizing each step in the value chain, Epik Developers can maximize Return on Investment (ROI), starting with the initial selection of domains, through development, management, and ultimately sale of the developed site. To maximize the probability of success, Epik partners with domain owners to create a lifecycle strategy around each individual domain name. In some cases, Epik will partner strategically with domain owners to create stand-alone businesses with their own capital structures that can go on to attract outside capital, as well as acquire established companies.

4. Domains are financial instruments

Development-worthy domain names are scarce and finite, and thus have much in common with financial instruments such as stocks and bonds. A successfully developed site offers wealth preservation, yield, and the opportunity for capital gain. Epik is also actively developing efficient markets whereby domain investors can secure liquidity, either through auction or brokerage. In addition, Epik partners can use a proprietary currency called EpikBucks which functions like a currency and is ideally suited for completing multi-party transactions.

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