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Epik offers a complete array of e-commerce solutions so that you can start maximizing the revenue generated from your product-related domain names. Whether you are simply looking to dip your toe into the e-commerce waters, or you have decided to build and operate a significant e-commerce presence, the Epik Commerce platforms offer a compelling way to profit from your domains quickly and cost effectively.

Epik | Product Portals

Affordable Affiliate Solutions

The ideal way to start profiting from your product oriented domain names with little to no operational involvement

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Epik | eCommerce

Industrial Strength Online Retailing

Take control and maximize income from your product\
domain names

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Cost-Effective, Customized Stores

Turning a high quality, product-centric domain name into a richly featured and highly monetizable site can be a time consuming and expensive challenge. But not when you develop your sites with Epik. We offer robust, highly reliable platforms that are customized to highlight your products, content, and brand.

Choose Your Level of Involvement

The amount of potential revenue you can earn from your various product sites is, to a large extent, a function of how much time you wish to put into the operation of your online store. If you are basically looking for a largely hands-off situation with minimal upfront costs, then Epik|Product Portals is the best solution for you. It requires little to no daily involvement in the management of the site or its content, does not require any detailed knowledge about the products being sold, and requires only a small setup charge.

if, on the other hand, you wish to realize the revenue potential of your domain names, the Epik|eCommerce platform may be your best solution. With it, you take control of inventory, shipping, and supplier relationships, but by taking on that operational involvement, you dramatically increase the amount of revenue you can generate from each visitor.


Building a new online retail presence can be a daunting, and sometimes expensive, proposition. The cost and complexity of most solutions usually requires a domain owner to jump into the deep end of the pool. But not with Epik. Start slowly with an Epik | Product Portal, and build traffic and page rank, all while earning affiliate revenue. Once the site begins to gain traction, you may find that you can earn more money by moving away from an affiliate model. If so, Epik can help migrate you to one of our Epik|eCommerce platforms.

With Epik, you can start building with the whatever investment in dollars and time you feel comfortable with, safe in the knowledge that as your needs grow there is a clear upgrade path to more capabilities and greater revenue


Epik knows that for your site to succeed, you need someone in your corner at all times. That`s why we provide the widest array of support services in the industry. All our sites are hosted and managed by Epik to ensure uptime and performance. Our 24x7 support team can be contacted via email, live chat, or phone, depending on the packages you select.

Our expert SEO consultants can help you with SEO, SEM, and with the creation of high quality, unique content that will help make your sites more informative and viral, all while climbing in page rank.We also offer business support, ranging from outbound telemarketing to supplier and inventory management. With Epik, you have a fully staffed, on-shore support organization to help take you and your domains to the next level.

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