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For those with a portfolio of product-related domain names, there is no better way to start developing them than with epik | Product Portals. With product portals, you can easily earn affiliate revenue while having little to no operational responsibilities. Epik does everything for you.

Building a Product Portal

We start by researching keyword terms in order to create the best structure for the site in a way that feels natural to the user while still maximizing SEO. We then create a custom logo and graphical look so that navigating the site is a pleasant experience. This includes a primary masthead graphic accompanied by a large block of SEO-optimized text designed to help increase page rank.

The Importance of Curated Product Feeds

The key to building a Product Portals is the product feeds. We construct our sites using one of a few major feeds, typically Amazon or Shopzilla. We then examine the resulting product stream to ensure that the products are as on-target as possible for the site, or section of the site. We are constantly reexamining a site's product feeds to help ensure the appropriateness of the products listed on the Portal. Moreover, Epik continually reviews the financial performance of the site relative to the traffic generated. If the revenue is low, this may indicate a switch to a different affiliate feed in order to maximize the site's revenue potential.

The World is Your Oyster

Unlike many affiliate-oriented solutions, Epik | Product Portals supports other countries and currencies. Currently we support domains in UK, Germany, France and Italy, which can be populated with local products and use the local language and currency; support for additional countries is planned. However, making international domains profitable takes more than just support for a different language. International traffic to US-based retailers does not convert well, adversely impacting the CPS retailers are wiling to pay in the face of declining CPA. To address this, we now utilize international domains. All traffic from a supported country is automatically redirected to a country-specific subdomain of the portal. For example, traffic coming from the UK to harddrives.com is redirected to uk.harddrives.com. This helps keep CPC high and ensures that users are dealing with their local currency.

Admin Capabilities

Epik provides every domain owner with access to an administrative dashboard, from which all financial and traffic statistics are available on a daily basis. In addition, owners can gain access to the site in order to upload original content about the products. Or, if you prefer a more hands-off approach, Epik can commission and upload such articles on your behalf.


Epik is pleased to offer an Enterprise edition of its Product Portal development platform. epik | Product Portal Enterprise is designed for high volume developers who seeks greater control and autonomy over their portfolio of Epik-powered websites.

  • Platform Features
  • Revenue share
  • Number of concurrent users
  • On site developer training
  • Phone and email support
  • Private label installation on a hosted basis with no Epik branding.
  • Custom development

Level 1

  • 65% (35% to Epik
  • 1
  • 1

Level 2

  • 80% (20% to Epik)
  • 5
  • 4
  • 25 hours

Level 3

  • 100% (0% to Epik)
  • unlimited
  • 6
  • 100 Hours

All Product Portals come with custom logo, color scheme, masthead graphic and text, and an initial review of the site's SEO profile. Full reporting capabilities are available through the Epik admin console.
Pricing for epik | Product Portals varies, based largely on the level and frequency of SEO audit and content creation services. As experienced domainers know well, the crawlability of a site is in large part based on how often a site is updated with original, useful content. With Product Portal Plus, and especially with Product Portal Pro, we strive to ensure that all SEO best practices in both structure and content are followed, helping to ensure that your sites rank as highly as possible with the search engines while also providing useful information and services to site visitors.

  • Platform Features
  • Custom graphics and design
  • Full financial and statistical reporting
  • User Controllable Advertising
  • Initial SEO review
  • Initial content creation package
  • Ongoing SEO audits
  • Continuous content creation
  • Dedicated phone number for customer support

Product Portals


Product Portals Plus

  • Biannual

Product Portals

$999 +
  • Monthly

Monetization is done primarily via cost-per-click advertising feed providers which Epik manages and aggregates.  Epik pays out accrued net revenue on the 15th of each month. As a portal owner you are also able to add products to the portal and to manage display advertising when selling ads directly to advertisers.

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