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Now more than ever, businesses need cost effective, high conversion lead generation. Ordinarily, this requires that individual businesses commission their own custom developed sites, which can be costly and time consuming. But even beyond these issues, such sites often have a major deficiency: their domain name is usually not "category defining", making it unlikely that prospects will discover them through direct navigation.

However, for those domainers with strong domain names that match to keywords with high CPC values, there is an opportunity to help capture sales prospects, direct them to referral fee-paying businesses, and do so profitably. The solutions: epik | LeadGen and LeadGen Pro.

A Comprehensive Solution: epik | LeadGen Pro

The key to sifting through prospects is to find the ones who are serious about fulfilling their need, and in what time frame. A serious lead, in turn, often has done some amount of preliminary research into the issue at hand. Since an educated lead is often a solid lead, it is important to help these prospects with their research — it goes a long way towards turning a prospect into a customer. And this is where LeadGen Pro shines.

epik | LeadGen Pro offers a comprehensive solution for lead generation sites. With LeadGen Pro, you can serve a wide variety of rich, informative and original content that includes text, graphics, and even video. Content is continually refreshed as part of the service to help ensure the interest from both end users and the major search engines.

With LeadGen Pro, you also get a custom design that is clean and easy to navigate. Lead contact forms and questionnaires can be customized to a much greater extent. Or the prospect can call a custom phone number set up just for your site.

Getting Started: epik | LeadGen

For domainers looking to dip their toes into the water, there is no better way to start than with epik | LeadGen. Visitors can enter their information into a customizable contact capture form, and Epik will offer these leads to appropriate service providers in their area. These businesses pay a referral fee to receive the leads in which they have interest. Referral fees are the primary mechanism for site monetization.

Site content is relatively brief and to the point, but helps lay out the factors readers should consider during their decision making process. Site questionnaires can be customized to capture not only contact information but also basic screening questions that help qualify the lead.

The Critical Component: The Call Center

While having an attractive site is important for an online lead
development solution, the most important component is a
world-class call center. Ordinarily, such a capability is priced
out of reach for all but the most ambitious solutions. Or, when
it is available, it is often through offshore call centers with indifferent
language skills. In either case, the opportunity for success is

The Epik LeadGen solutions uniquely marry cost-efficient
development with a 24x7 on-shore call center operations for the timely
outbound sale of captured leads.

One critical aspect of the Epik call center is that the inbound call center team is also the team who performs the telemarketing outreach to the service providers to whom any leads will be directed. By finding and qualifying these service providers, our call center personnel gain an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. And so, armed with this knowledge, our call center personnel can act as advisors as well. And as part of the LeadGen Pro solution, if a prospect calls your custom phone number rather than fill in the form online, Epik personnel can help direct them to the best provider for their needs. The result: greater satisfaction for both the prospect and the business, and more revenue for you.


Whether you just want to start out with a simple lead generation capability, or you have the type of high quality domain name that cries out for a more comprehensive solution, Epik offers the most cost-effective and robust solutions in the industry.

  • Platform Features
  • Fully hosted
  • Custom logo and color scheme
  • Custom site design
  • Custom, original content
  • Startup SEO package, including researched SEO keywords & terms
  • Dedicated phone support number routed to our onshore call center



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