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Epik`s Domain Escrow service is designed to protect the interests of both buyer and seller during domain sales. We ensure that Buyers receive their properly registered domain. Sellers are assured of full and immediate payment. Both Buyer and Seller are protected against fraud and deception. And all without onerous escrow fees!

The Epik Advantage

The domain registrar is the heart of any successful domain name sale. They ensure that the proper transfer and registration processes are followed, and it is their verification that allows escrowed funds to be released. So who better to act as your escrow agent than Epik, a full-service, ICANN-accredited registrar? Epik directly controls the full domain transfer and registration process, and can therefore offer you the industry`s most secure and reliable escrow transactions. As a registrar, Epik knows the second your transaction is complete, and can release escrowed funds the very next moment. And if there are problems, Epik is able to directly intervene, unlike third-party escrow agents. There is not a more reliable or faster domain escrow service in the industry!

Merging registry and escrow offers additional advantages: because Epik does not need to work with pricey middleman, Epik Escrow services are completely free for domains already registered at Epik. Even for domains registered elsewhere, Epik Domain Escrow services are available at an industry-low 1.5%. With Epik, you no longer need to pay significant premiums to ensure a secure and reliable domain sale. That`s the Epik advantage!

How Epik Domain Escrow Works

  1. Both parties enter into a new escrow transaction.
  2. Buyer sends payment to Epik`s Masterbucks Escrow account
  3. Seller provides authorization code to Epik.
  4. Seller approves Form of Authorization to confirm transfer.
  5. Epik verifies that all payments from buyer are received in escrow, and all domains from seller are received in escrow.
  6. Epik simultaneously transfers all assets to complete the transaction: domain ownership is transferred to buyer`s Epik account while funds are simultaneously released to seller`s Masterbucks account

MasterBucks - Liquidity and Reliability for the Domain Industry

Epik utilizes the Masterbucks system to process all escrow transactions. Once an escrow transaction is completed, the appropriate funds are automatically debited or credited to each party`s Masterbucks account. These funds are available for immediate use at Epik, or can be disbursed to an account of your choosing (for a minor service fee).

Get Started!

Complete the form to the right, and one of our service agents will contact you to discuss your proposed transaction and how Epik can process it in the most secure, reliable, and cost-effective way possible.

  • Peace of mind, security, and convenience
  • The expertise of a full-service ICANN-accredited registrar
  • Protection against credit card fraud, insufficient funds or credit card chargebacks
  • Ability to accept credit cards and PayPal
  • Instant access to your funds upon completion

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