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At Epik, we are known for Legendary Customer Support. If we exceeded your expectations, or if we can serve you better, please let us know!


"Amazing service all along the process - Rob was always very helpful and available to make everything works perfectly. "

Pierre d'Andrimont

"Amazing customer support! Unparalleled!"

Alice G

"I wish to state that I had a pleasure of talking to Jessica Robison who excellently and with eloquent knowledge helped me resolve the issues with payment and email changes. I wish her immense success. "

Kennon Garshofsky

"All I have to say is WOW. I was dealing with Jessica from Epik and she has been nothing short of incredible. Answering all my calls and emails at whatever hour I reached out. Swift and quickly responses and extremely knowledgeable. The best customer support by far! And I have domains at most of the registrars. I will surely be switching my domains over to Epik as they expire. Thank you Jessica and to the Epik Team."

Kennon Garshofsky

"This is hands down the best service I have ever received through the chat service. Hats off to Rob! Thanks. "


"I’ve had this domain at godaddy for years. I had to deal with all the emails. With, I set it up and then it’s like I have a staff managing my domain. This is awesome. "


"We had several websites at GoDaddy for over 10 years. After paying for extra services that were not needed, slow servers and bad technical support, we decided to move to a new hosting service provider. Choosing Epik for our sites was one of the best decisions we ever made. Not only do they provide good, efficient technical support, they identified and removed several malware applications that were running on GoDaddy site during the migration process. The servers are much faster and the cost is 50% less than what we were paying."

David DeGerolamo

"Superb Service! Real life event! Saturday 2am. Text message received from a client. I need your help, my site is down and no one can help me. A few hours later... Epik to the rescue, site is up, operational and all because of the great support the crew at Epik delivers, no questions asked to a customer. Hosting companies now-days do not provide the level of support Epik delivers. For years I have been a loyal customer and will continue to be. Thank you everyone at EPIK!"

Nemuel Cruz

"Epik is really a fantastic registrar. They have a lot of honor for their clients. They are so flexible and user friend. Not less than great.Thank you"

Saeid Nejati

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"Raj provided a LEGENDARY support indeed. Great knowledge about how things work and an astonishing help all along the chat session. I know I bothered a lot but he was very very professional supporting me. Thanks, man really appreciate it. "


"I have been with for over 1 year. I did actually look hard to find a company that would help me. The managing of domains is a difficult process - with over 300 different domains all in different email accounts it can get complicated. Epik has allowed me to import domains of high value into my account and then borrow against them to buy more. This has been an extremely useful tool - the shelling out of money to many different accounts like godaddy, 1and 1 etc can be extremely time consuming. Epik makes this a lot easier. Rob Monster at Epik and his team are very fair and helpful....there is nothing better than being able to manage domains from a centralized account where the renewal rates are just over $8...very fair....the service is very quick and never an issue....I would recommend to any prospective domainer or anyone with a large portfolio....i could not be happier....Peter Hamilton, Doctors Today, Inc "

Peter Hamilton

"There is a world-class team at Epik. As a manager of thousands of domains I have experienced all the domain registrars, but no one comes close to Epik. Epik will exceed your expectations in every area of domain management. The service, support and expertise is truly second to none. Epik are the best in the business! "


"Everyone at Epik is always really great!! "

Ben Wolff

"10 Star Service and Highly Recommend!!!"


"Rob Monster and the Epik team have provided my family, our businesses, and me, personally, with the most premium customer service and care of any business, within any industry. As someone who has been online for a number of years, I am emphatic when I say there is no domain registrar better—period. Thank you all, over and over again.!"

James Damian Hakert

" Just wanted to say how great the customer service was for a very confusing topic. I was trying to peel off my google suite services away from my current host and needed to know what records were needed and the process was extremely confusing since there were 4 parties at play (old host, google, me, and epik). The ladies and support were extremely supportive and helped me get my email stood up!"

Daniel Haitz

"Extraordinarily helpful, quick to make a fine case to become an Epik customer by closing out a domain sale with zero friction - perhaps the best transaction I've experienced in domain trading over many years. Sincerely BK."

Benjamin Kross

"I am delighted with the stellar service from who have delivered on every level with my domains and hosting and have helped me with many technicalities. Their customer service is second to none - friendly, prompt and resourceful - thanks guys! "

RJ McConnell

"Wow Your Team Rocks!Ttechnically, in today's world of so-so customer service, Epik truly stands out ... in my language, i would say "there is love in that team" ... and while i've lost count of dozen or so Registrars i've dealt with over the years, Epik is a stand out on top :>)"

Chuck Scott

"I have never had better customer service than I got from Jessica Robison at EPIK. Not once or twice but three times so far this year. EXCEPTIONAL!
Thanks Jessica"

Shain Jaffe

"The customer service at Epik is brilliant. Staff is so helpful. They managed to fulfill my request before time which was great. I would recommend for sure.!"


"Thank you for the most gracious and helpful response to my questions. You can tell when you are speaking with smiling people and I WAS. Again, thank you.!"

Hart Fisher

"very speedy and helpful response.
Jessica was really supportive and everything got sorted out in under one hour.
I could not imagine or ever ask for a better customer experience.!"


"Cannot say enough about how wonderful this company is. Support "Jessica" was amazing. Have hundreds of domains, just moved them all from GoSh**ty :)!"


"@EpikDotCom has one of the best customer service experiences I've ever seen, very impressed with their service!"

Melvin Tercan

"The word 'Epik' already says it all, so look no further. I personally have never seen a company providing such outstanding service, whereas with all (and I mean all) other (domain) companies, service is a huge big bold word.

Epik really defines all what it means to have your company working the way it should. So we hereby take that special moment to say.....Thank you guys! I will soon transfer all my domains. Safer,faster and accurate pinpoint precision when it comes to any IT related utility:-)"

Roni Morgan

"I just want to send many thanks to Ala for his excellent service and innovative web design for my website! I also wanted to thank him for his dedication and patience through out the whole process

Working with Ala and the Epik team was an awesome experience and definitely exceeded my expectations, I am in love with my new website!, Thanks a lot!"


"Thanks for giving me free one year renewal for premium new gtld costing 230usd per year.

There was a slight confusion with one of the renewal offers on the website. This offer was not meant for premium new gtld domains. I gave them the option to cancel the renewal offer purchased by me. They had an easy way out, however, they gave me one year free renewal and that too for such an expensive domain.

There are some good examples where company prefers customer satisfaction over profit. However this is the best case, where preferred customer satisfaction even it meant loss to the company.

If you get a chance, try and experience their customer support. You will know the rest."



I’ve been waiting a long time for a registrar of this caliber.  Epik is pretty darn awesome.

Roy Lopez

"Small Note with a LARGE thanks, for the excellent customer, support provided by my chat with "Sarah" this early morning of October 2, 2015. Had a challenge renewing a domain name due to a glitch and she was on, top of our chat and fixed the "hiccup" promptly when brought to her, attention. Thanks again Sarah and Kind regards, David "


"My first time experiencing a platform like Epik. 10 star on customer service. You guys are wonderful"

Manglam Chemicals

"I've been with Epik for years. The support they provide is simply amazing. They make my life so much easier. Huge shout out to Raj...thanks for your patience!! "


"What I love most about epik is their attitude regarding free speech and acting as a registrar should by not taking a political stance. "


"Direct contact with Rob helped make the decision easier to move a batch of domains over to Epik. Great customer service from the owner of the company. Looking forward dealing with Epik escrow services in the near future. "

EJohn Velinov

"No hay empresas que ofrecen el nivel de soporte que Epik entrega a pequeñas empresas. Nuestra empresa esta ubicada en Honduras, Centro America. Con mas de 5 años de ofrecer servicios de alojamiento y registro de dominios, Epik es la una empresa que recomendamos y usamos para nuestros clientes. Muchas Gracias por su apoyo y servicios a nivel internacional! "

Edgar Cruz

"I had a provider for hosting and registrar services for a very long time. Well, preditory owners took control. I lost my hosting setup and my domains were trapped. For many years everything was in limbo, due to these people. I found Epik, because of the owners moral stance with the "gab" situation, so I signed up. Within a few days, everything was sorted out and up running. Even with the most basic registrar service, you are given powerful tools, allowing you to completely run a website even with the lowest service possible. 𝗧𝗛𝗔𝗡𝗞 𝗬𝗢𝗨 ❢❢"

Cached Entity

"Rob and Joseph helped me salvage a deal that another escrow/domain holding vendor was making practically impossible. After that good experience with Epik's service, I transferred my upcoming renewals and look forward to systematically getting the rest of my domain portfolio moved over in the coming months. "

Jason Sheppard

"I appreciate the support team at Epik so very much. I usually call with my hair on fire and Jessica dowses the flames with fast, accurate, professional help. I know I can count on Epik's help in whatever situation arises. This team is a gold standard for customer support and care. "

Paula Riley


"Today I stumble on Epik site and need it help. Well, Jessica took care of me "absolutely awesome". Thanks to her friendly approach I am moving ALL my domains over to Epic from all my present registrars (yes I am domainer)"


" We have been using Godaddy for our domains. Found out that is cheaper here and they don't charge for services like private who is profile for each domain. Customer service is so much faster too. Will have to transfer all of our domains here eventually. "


"If the whole world would respond this fast to everything you guys are doing business-wise, we would have been living on Mars since the 1920's:-)!"

Roni Morgan

"I am super happy with my new website! It is everything I wanted it to be...current, and rocking the SEO. Epik's "legendary" support was unknown to me when I found them via online search. I am now a big fan of Epik after years with one of the much bigger and well known internet hosting companies. I am confident that I'll never look back again! Thank you very much to the entire Epik Team!"

Gordon Geraci

"Your customer support is EPIK! The quality of service you provide makes me feel like I'm your only client, and you have my best interests at heart.

(Anyone reading this, really - they're that responsive and that helpful.) I'm very glad I switched to you for my hosting needs, Thanks for everything so far! !"

Xochitl Camille Goss

"Epik truly provides legendary customer service and always offered dedicated and experienced experts to assist us with our development every step of the way. A joy to work with!"


"I want to thank you for all your support and I would also like to congratulate you for the great customer service that you provide. I had a little problem in my country(Chile) with someone that wanted to revoke my domain, and you were able to give me the guidance I needed. Thank you so much for that."

Maria Paz Aliaga Meyer

" I had the good fortune and pleasure to connect with Jessica Robinson today. I was in a panic state over a domain name that I thought I let lapse during the last renewal. Jessica was able to quickly track it down and help me navigate my account to resolve the issue. She was pleasant and responsive. She was also smart enough to put two-and-two together to solve my problem. Her service was amazing and I am more than satisfied."

Amy Pearl

"Jessica Robison = Polite, Efficient, Professional. It makes business so much easier when you can deal with people who are extremely good at what they do "

Lee Marriott

"Excellent customer service, Fast response. I had my domains with several companies. Now I have moved all of them to Epik. I will certainly recommend to my friends."


"I have done business with some of the largest and Epik is way ahead of all the others - really no comparison."

Tom Hoshall

"I wanted to thank you and acknowledge my respect and admiration for your kindness and incredible support, the disposition you always have, something to meditate and learn from. It is an honor to know you and consider myself part of Epik and a friend.

I know the Swiss banking service on which the Swiss built their image. You honor what the Swiss standard was, or maybe somewhere still is. I honestly believe Epik surpassed it and you guys are at a level of an Epik Revolution. Nobody has this quality and total support in any Registrar."

David Roth

"You guys rock!!! In less than a day Jessica, then Rob and others provided so many great services, agile, fast, nice, I could feel the smile from across the country. You got me in."

Paulo H Leocadio


"It is all new to me, but every question was answered. I was surprised how quick the email respond was. Really good. Thanks Jessica."


"Rob was awesome! I had been trying to work with,, and to effect a transfer of a website that I had already negotiated the price for. And despite almost a week of trying, they couldn't get it done--there were all these technology issues, and my stress levels kept rising, as I was starting to think maybe the seller was scamming me. I contacted, and within hours, they had gotten everything taken care of."


"I've been dealing with a lot of other registrars over the past 20 years and find Epik's legendary support the best; at least twice as responsive and good as what I'm used to."

Eric Talaska


"Just bought a domain, and had some questions. Got great help from their webchat. Thanks alot! I only wish I had got a name of the person chatting with me so I could name then in this comment."

Tomas Frid

"I am not sure of the name of the Epik Support Chat staff member who helped me out, but I'd like to think it was Will Smith because they are Legend."

Pete R

"Rob gave me one of the best customer service experiences I've ever received from any company. Thanks to Rob, just earned itself a brand new customer. :)"

Kalman Russ

"Very quick email support. Rob was excellent. Immediately offered both options for my problem, and a recommendation for the right solution (he was right). Also a very pleasant person. He answered all my questions clearly and completely. A perfect experience. Thank you again.!"



"Your message: Epik has FANTASTIC customer service. Better yet, they are FAST in replying to e-mail queries. I have confidence that any issue I face will be readily addressed and quickly resolved.

I was originally concerned about not being with a big name like GoDaddy. Epik has put those concerns to rest. I'm grateful to let Epik host my business website.!"

Jordan R. Jensen

"I am a professional when it comes to videography but not so much when it comes to website development. Having a website in my very visual industry is a must and I am very glad that I entrusted Epik to create and host one for me, the site went beyond my expectations. The process was simple and the customer support was exceptional.

I would encourage anyone looking for an affordable, professional website to hire Epik, you will not be disappointed.!"


"After reading these reviews, It's time to change my domain provider. Will Plan to buy a new domain from"



"Amazing customer support! Unparalleled"

"I really enjoyed with the service of @EpikDotCom. Outstanding response time and great service. I just loved this. "


"Outstanding response time. I feel well taken care of here. Jessica has been so helpful in solving problems. I moved all of my domains to Epik 2 years ago after working with a company that was truly horrible. Happy with my decision. All my domains are with Epik, and I have urged my colleagues to use them for registration/hosting."

Hope Elizabeth May

"Only just joined Epik, but in 24 hours, the level of personal touch and efficiency is far and away above anything I have experienced, not only among other registrars but any company, absolutely outstanding, can't recommend them enough "


"Just dropping you a note to tell you how great your team at Epik is. Repeatedly the best vendor experience I have. :)"

Thomas Fox

"Wow this is my first time experiencing a platform like Epik. 10 star on customer service. You guys are wonderful"

Martha Simmons

"I do this testimonial with a bit of hesitation. Don't get me wrong, these guys are great, it's just that I want them all for myself and my clients. They earned this admiration by exceeding my expectations from day one on every front.

First, they always answer the phone. The team at Epik takes customer service to an altitude I've never experienced before.

Second: I'm what you call a reluctant techie. I love working digitally, and can get some things done, but I need someone to walk me through it (or just do it for me). Epik is great on both fronts.

Third: Once my client's site was up on Epik's servers and running, I was blown away by how fast it loaded. When my client tried it his response was "WOW". Yea, it was that fast.

My life is nicer on Epik!"

Eric Anderson

"I have really enjoyed my experience with Epik so far. Customer service is A1!!"

Peter Lebow

“Working with Epik has been a wonderful experience. they are extremely creative and have come up with a web design that is unique and eye catching!.”

Amy Davidson

You guys really are the best. You respond to my crazy emails promptly, fix the things I mess up within moments. Honestly, you rock!

Lynn Bakken

" knows how to treat their customers. Even though I am the owner of several websites I know nothing about hosting or what is involved. Moreover, I will confess to being pretty high maintenance. Rob and his team know what there doing and I highly recommend them"

Rob Nadigel

"You get personal service, excellent advice and a feeling that you will be looked after, time and time again. Epik, leave you feeling Epik when it comes to managing your names. Amazing Customer Support. Brilliant"


"Recently I recently was working on the renewal of my domain name . I called and spoke with a wonderful customer service rep, Jessica. She was very helpful and sorted out my task beautifully. Thank you for employing Jessica and thank you for actually having a live person available to answer my call and quickly resolve my issue. It was delightful!!! "

Rhonda Norton

"Without a doubt, Epik is the easiest registrar to work with, and their customer support is out of sight. I've never worked with domain registration company that goes more out of its way to accommodate client needs, answer their (sometimes silly) questions, and make sure everything is working smoothly. I've had the chance to work directly with Rob, Sarah and Jessica - all top notch folks who really know their stuff."

Thomas Fox

"The best there is. Absolutely; positively; without question. Thank you guys and keep it up!!"

Damian Hakert

"I have been bitterly disappointed by most domain companies over the years, but Epik is not one of them. Raj, Jessica, Rob, and of course the rest of the team, are always a delight to deal with. Fast, helpful, and there when you need them. As a result, I am moving most of my domains to Epik. !"


"Jessica at Epik has been awesome to work with. She has been, great in helping our non-profit through a change in personnel that required account information changes. We have been so grateful we moved all of our, domains here! !"

Aaron Knobloch

" Nothing but exemplary service for years. Unbelievably responsive, refreshingly trustworthy and professional. I run all my sites through Epik, and tell all my colleagues to do the same. Thank you, Epik! "


" Great service. The only company out there that was happy to fully support the whole domain. Honest and reliable. I will definitely do business with them again in the future. Thank you! "


"I manage a large number of domains and websites, and am really glad I found Epik….their domain management interface is really easy to learn and use, it's easy to bulk-manage multiple domains, and their prices are super-competitive... but the best thing is their support, which is really and truly "legendary"! They answer all my questions promptly and are great folks to deal with…I'm a very happy customer! "

Trisha Miller

" First time I used epik to create a website from scratch. We needed a website for our new Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce LeadShare Group named DULLES SOUTH. Within a few days an outstanding WordPress website was created by epik. Very impressive work. I have recommended epik to several of my friends. If you are looking for a website to be created or updated---why go anywhere else? "

Tobin Seven

"Thanks Jessica for awesome customer service!"


"Jessica from Epik Support is awesome. … We love her.!"


"Epik is EPIC! The BEST customer service. Your support email, is like having a personal assistant/staff member. I've used just about EVERY domain name company...Epik is EASIEST. BEST SUPPORT. What more can I say. ZD!"

Zuma Dogg

"Top shelf organization! Talk about prompt about lightning fast! Doesn't get any better than Jessica and Rob! Thanks guys!"

Judah Lyons

"Working with the Epik Development team was a very rewarding experience. The degree of professionalism and expertise is second to none. Great communications, support and design!"


“You have consistently gone above and beyond and been amazingly customer service oriented. You clearly are providing world-class customer service. You put all of your competitors…especially GoDaddy…to shame. Keep up the awesome work!”

Ted Schinke

You guys have always had amazing customer service, and I really appreciate it.

Jeff Edelman