Chris Pirillo to Headline Panel at Domain Developer Conference

Press Release

Internet Entrepreneur and Social Media Celebrity to join panel of web developers, Internet and Affiliate Marketers to discuss building online businesses and streams of passive income online

SEATTLE, WA, (August 31, 2010) – Chris Pirillo, founder of, a technology blogging network and,, a conference that showcases emerging technologies, will head the "Internet Marketing and Monetization" panel at the 1st Annual Domain Developer Conference. The event will take place on September 16, beginning at 1:30 pm at the Bell Harbor Conference Center Bay Auditorium in Seattle. Following the conference is a live auction featuring 100 revenue-generating websites and an industry-first domain name trading event.

Pirillo's company has grown into a network of developed communities, informational blogs, influential media channels and industry conferences. Each property is interlinked and cross-promotes content between outlets in strategic and measureable fashion.

"Few individuals can operate well in both the cold room and the boardroom," says Rob Monster, Epik's Chairman and CEO. "Beyond that, he is a masterful affiliate marketing guru who understands how to create web content and drive Internet traffic to produce immediate and long-tail revenue. When I introduced him to domains as a financial asset and domain development, he immediately understood the concept of building websites and turning them into passive income generators. His in-depth, hands-on understanding of how to monetize Internet Real Estate makes him the perfect speaker to head the "Internet Marketing and Monetization" panel at the Domain Developer Conference in Seattle," says Monster. 

Pirillo's continuous stream of custom content has built a following of hundreds of thousands of followers and subscribers. Leveraging the most effective communication strategies and Internet broadcasting platforms on the Internet, Chris has created a pipeline of organic inbound links and monetized millions of visits to his network of websites. Working with, Mr. Pirillo is building a portfolio of Internet product portals to include, and

"As someone who lives and loves emerging technologies, the Internet is a great place to hang out with cool people and make money. Unfortunately, it usually takes a team of copywriters, web designers, programmers, Internet marketers and affiliate marketers to launch a successful business," says Chris Pirillo, Founder of "If there is technology out there that will let me do something quicker, faster, better, I'm going to use it. has built a platform that quickly turns quality domain names into online businesses that generate monthly streams of passive income. I'm excited to speak to a group of technology enthusiasts, web designers and programmers who are moving beyond parking into online business development," says Pirillo.

The Developer Conference features workshops covering the entire domain development lifecycle (Acquisition, Development, Management and Selling), as well as a live auction of revenue-producing websites. There will also be an industry-first "domain swap meet" where domain owners can trade domain names in potential cash-free transactions as a way to expand specific areas of their domain portfolio.

About Chris Pirillo

Chris Pirillo has been participating in Internet conversations since 1992, having launched Lockergnome as a content publishing network and building Gnomedex to be one of the blogosphere's highly regarded conferences. He publishes a personal blog and lifecast to tens of thousands of viewers, and is a top subscribed partner on YouTube. To find him, merely look for "Chris" (just his first name) on Google.