Epik.Com Announces First-Ever Domain Developers Conference

Press Release

Domain Development Firm moves to push industry beyond parking, PPC revenue models

SEATTLE, WA, (August 16, 2010) – Epik, LLC, the leading mass domain development company in the world, officially announced today their plans for the Epik.com Domain Developers Conference in Seattle, September 15-17.

Conference details can be found at: https://Epik.com Historically, domain conferences mainly focus on different forms of passive monetization such as pay-per-click (PPC) popularized by companies that specialize in domain parking. The Epik.com Developer Conference introduces domain investors to other forms of monetization by building online businesses related to products, directories, wikis, reference, polls, Q&A, and more.

"We view domains as an asset class that can be enhanced through development," says Rob Monster, Chairman and CEO of Epik. "However, developing websites one-by-one is slow and cost-prohibitive. This conference shows Internet investors and entrepreneurs how to acquire and develop domain names and turn them into revenue-generating financial assets by using Epik's cost-effective, scalable and easy-to-manage platform," says Monster.

During the current economic downturn, many traditional real estate investors, investment managers and entrepreneurs turned to domain names – the raw land of the Internet – as financial assets. With pay-per-click income falling, the challenge for owners of large domain portfolios is to continue to monetize hundreds or even thousands of these domains. The Epik platform allows investors to develop and maintain profitable online businesses.
Some independent investors are already profiting from the Epik.com platform.

"I previously had some success in traditional real estate, so Internet Real Estate as an investment theme made sense to me," says Kenny Hartog, an independent investor. "My investment returns on Epik quickly out-performed more traditional investments such as stocks, bonds and futures. I now have more than 1,000 sites live or in development with Epik. I've spoken with other domain owners and we all agree, this is going to be a game-changing conference for the domain industry."

Another divergence from domain conferences is that the Epik.com Developer Conference will feature a domain auction with over 300 revenue producing online businesses built on the Epik platform.  Traditionally, domain auctions only offered the domain name itself.