Epik.Com Releases List Of Developed Websites To Be Auctioned Off At It's Inaugural Domain Developers Conference

Press Release

Live Auction September 16 Includes Online Bidding, Followed By Week Long Online Auction aimed at Internet Investors, Real Estate Investors, Entrepreneurs and Affiliate Marketers.

SEATTLE, WA, (August 24, 2010) – Epik.com, the leading domain name development company in the world, has released a list of developed, revenue-generating websites that will be featured at auction on September 16, starting at 1:30 pm at the Bell Harbor Conference Center Bay Auditorium in Seattle. The event is open to the public. The auction is part of the inaugural Epik.com Domain Developers Conference being held Sept. 15 – 17 in Seattle at the Edgewater Hotel. Conference details can be found at: Live bidding for the domain and website auction is available at the conference as well as online via a real-time interface. Immediately following the live auction begins a week long, online-only auction that lasts through Thursday, September 23 at 12:15 pm PDT.

The Epik Developers auction will feature over 300 revenue-producing online businesses built on the Epik.com platform including AbdominalTrainer.com, Collision.com, Complain.com, ETF.com, Haircare.com, HardDrives.com, Heroine.com, Maid.com, HDProjector.com, Poster.com, Spoons.com, WirelessHeadphone.com, WiFi.com and hundreds more."

"In just the last week, media outlets such as 'CNN Money', 'CNET.com' and 'PC Magazine' have all reported on domain investing, primarily through domain auctions where ultra-prime Internet Real Estate can be purchased," said Rob Monster, Chairman and CEO of Epik.com. "Volatility in real estate and the stock markets has seen many Entrepreneurs, Real Estate Investors and Investment Managers turning to alternative asset classes, which is include a surge in retail interest in domain investing." Said Monster.

Domain names are seen by domain investors as the 'raw land of the Internet' and as such, become more valuable once they are developed and generate revenue. Historically, domain auctions mainly focused undeveloped domains and the main buyers were domainers. The Epik.com Development Conference auction focuses on websites that have been developed into online businesses and are generating revenue through monetization strategies beyond domain parking and pay-per-click tactics such as e-commerce product portals and subscription-based Internet directories. This opens up domain investing to a whole new generation of domain investor that is interested in the combination of recurring income and speculative gain.

"Both the affiliate marketing and lead generation industries have seen an increase in demand for developed domains," says Jay Lohmann, Co-Founder of LeadGenerationDirectories.com. "Affiliate marketers and lead generation companies know how difficult it is to build a website and launch an affiliate program. An undeveloped domain name means a lot of work and inherent risk. The Epik auction gives them to opportunity to get a massive head start by bidding on and potentially winning fully developed websites at below market value that has validated visitor statistics, verified search engine rankings and several monetization models built in," says Lohmann.  "I think the auction is a great opportunity for serious affiliate marketers."