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1st Annual Epik Developer Conference — Sept 15-17, 2010 in Seattle

By May 19, 2010 February 27th, 2017 8 Comments

I am delighted to announce the First Annual Epik Developer Conference. The conference will be hosted in Epik’s home town of Seattle from September 15-17, 2010.


Client Summits are an important growth driver
As many people in the industry know, prior to starting Epik, I spent 8 years building a company called Global Market Insite (GMI). Thanks to the diligent effort of a talented team, GMI grew ~100% per year for 7 straight years. In 2006, GMI was #93 on the Inc 500. I was named Entrepreneur of the Year in the same year. Shortly thereafter we completed one of the largest venture financings of the year, raising $35 million from 3 top private equity groups. That is “hypergrowth”.

The foundation for hypergrowth was laid way back in 2000. That was the year we hired a talented founding team and also when we hosted our first client summit. The summit was held in the city of Vienna, Austria. It was a one-day event that was scheduled around a major industry conference. Many of the attendees of that event not only became loyal clients, but also many of them became friends, and business partners — both with GMI and with each other.

The lesson I learned from this phase of building GMI is that client and partner summits are an important part of building a strong foundation for growth. Our mission at Epik is clear: we are here to create value for our Network Partners. If, in a few years from now, we have enabled 1000 domain entrepreneurs to build out 100 of their most worthy websites, we believe that we will have created a lot of value for our network partners, and in the process will hopefully have built Epik into a great company.


Save the date – September 15-17, 2010
The full program details are being finalized for what should be a worthwhile event for anyone serious about Domain Name Development. The Epik DevCon will be an opportunity to both learn and socialize. Here are some of the themes we are working on, internally and with outside experts who are participating in the event:

  • Meet Epik: Overview of the Team and Strategic Partners
  • Domain Industry Outlook
  • Strategy Update: What is Epik doing and why are we doing it
  • Acquire: Acquiring Development-worthy Domains without breaking the bank
  • Develop: Developing sites that rank with search engines and win with consumers
  • Operate: Content development, Monetization, SEO
  • Sell: Selling Developed Websites
  • Client case studies: Case studies with real data that show you who is profiting on Epik and how
  • Development Update: New product announcements and Preview of upcoming products
  • Low-reserve Auction of Developed Websites: We will announce our Auction Partner soon and hope to conduct the first live auction of developed websites powered by Epik at the conference.
  • Ruilverkaveling Swap meet: Trade domains and with other Epik Network Members
  • Discussion and Q&A: Open discussion with Network Partners about the future of our shared mission

Play and Network

This conference is not just about work.

On the play side, we are putting together a social program that should be a lot of fun. We have hired an Event Planning consultant to make this 1st Annual Epik Developer Conference an event to remember.

Max Ciccotosto (CEO of Epik partner is influencing venue selection and the social program. Max was single for a lot longer than I was and was quick to volunteer for the Program Committee.

Weather-wise, mid-September is normally a great time of year to be visiting Seattle. Yes, it does rain here, but rarely in September. And if there is interest in a Spouse program, we’ll put one together.

Conference Cost

The objective is to make the conference as affordable as possible. Epik partners with 20+ Network sites receive one free registration for the conference event. A registration form will go online next week with deep discounts for earlybird registration.

Hope to see you in Seattle in September.

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  • Ava Gordon says:

    I look forward to being there!

  • Todd says:

    I’ll be there. The idea sounds terrific.

  • Bob B says:

    This looks to be a great event. Hope to be in Seattle this September. Will there be additional speakers there- DevHub, etc?

  • Rob Monster says:

    @Bob B – We are still putting together the program. We are bringing in outside speakers, including Business Partners, Client presenters and Strategic vendors.

    Although DevHub is separate from Epik, a DevHub technology showcase can definitely be on the agenda if there is interest in seeing an update on those capabilities. Will discuss with Geoff Nuval.

  • Jay Lohmann says:

    This is an excellent idea and from first read, seems like an atmosphere of “doers’ who are willing to roll up their sleeves and get something done rather than just park their names and hope for the best. I’ve been actively seeking talented developers for years with whom to share best practices and start partnerships. I already expect your Developer Conference will help me achieve both goals.

    Few serious domainers can develop their entire portfolio – even if with a fast and highly functional mass-dev platform. I’ve never had success outsourcing to foreign countries, so I like to seek out great U.S. developers and partner with them. For big projects, the quality of work you get from a developer who has ownership is far and away superior to hiring a freelancer. I imagine the types of developers who will attend your conference will be top-notch Type-A’s who take pride in their work and looking for opportunities. I’m already looking forward to the event.

    And Rob, dude… Ruilverkaveling will be a smash.

    Damn the domain governing bodies. I’ve been posting on blogs for years that there needs to be place that will facilitate this, (Great discussion here – and I’ve read on your blog that you recognize this as well. This is a natural evolution as more mass-dev platforms come on line. My firm specializes in geo-niche domains monetized through subscriptions. Other domainers specialize in product/e-commerce. A lot of domainers are collecting very specific lead-generation sites. Having a mutually beneficial marketing like this will provide GREAT value for both parties. I personally would trade a “more valuable” domain that’s doesn’t fit in our platform for a “less valuable” one that I can start monetizing immediately.

    Yeah, I’d go just for the domain trading alone. I could boost my develop-able (?) portfolio significantly in a matter of hours.

    The website-only auction should be interesting as well.

    Sounds like a hyper-productive few days. Sign me up.

    Jay Lohmann

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