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A 5th way to go big-time on Epik – A savings plan

By September 1, 2010 February 27th, 2017 One Comment

A popular post on this blog discussed 4 case studies that showed how Epik Developers are achieving scale economies.   These models all came from listening to the Developer Community and responding with innovative solutions that map to personal situations and goals.  Earlier today I had the opportunity to speak to another ambitious Epik developer who helped Epik to design a plan that made sense for him and is a win-win.

50 Sites in 50 Weeks
A one-off custom site development costs $249, whereas a 50-site portfolio development costs $189 per site. So, how does one get volume pricing without having to write a big check on day one?  At the request of Epik Developer, Anthony Williams, we came up with a plan that calls for building 50 sites over 50 weeks at the bulk rate of $189.  There are are a few advantages for Anthony that made it compelling:

  • Cost savings – Developers whose goal is financial independence recognize that one site alone does not a retirement plan make. For most mid-market names, I estiimate that you are looking at more like a 100 site portfolio to have a good shot at live-on-it passive income within a few years of launch.  As such, buying in bulk makes sense.
  • Preferred placement in the production schedule — Developers with pre-paid credit have development priority versus the one-off requests which are currently waiting an average of 17 days to get their sites built.
  • Ability to plan ahead — I am a big fan of clustering sites around themes.  If you know you will be developing 50-100 sites, you can plan ahead knowing what types of sites should get built and how they will be able to leverage off of each other.  Moreover, ultimately, an acquirer can look at the totality of the traffic from the portfolio.

The goal of Epik is to make developing on Epik as cost-effective as possible.  We are on the lookout for innovative approaches that make cost-effective development accessible for anyone. If you are stuck on Parking and wondering how to Shift out of Park, contact us.

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