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A Late Great Hit for 2010 —

By December 31, 2010 February 28th, 2017 One Comment

Earlier this week, I published what I called Epik’s Greatest Hits for 2010.  One of the projects that I did not mention is  It is part of the larger Epik Ecosystem that is designed to leverage a single-sign-on framework called  The idea here is that you can go to any site, and with one set of credentials and contribute you can post a comment, ask a question, schedule an appointment, buy a product, send a message to another user, etc. is now just about ready for prime-time, and is therefore A Late Great Hit for 2010. is coming to a site near you is being developed as the Epik-wide standard for online commenting.  There are a few other established commenting platforms out there, so why on earth do we need yet another one, besides the fact that it has a really cool domain name? Several reasons:

  • Comments are part of user identity:  A key aspect of is that comments are not just comments on the site where they were posted. They also are part of a user’s identity in the sense that the composite of all comments made across all sites also tell others about you — what you think, what you are into, etc.  With you can easily see all of someone’s comments regardless of where they were posted.
  • Comments also a basis for user reputation:  A well-written or insightful comment is an investment in personal reputation.   Many sites have the concept of “thumb up” and “thumb down”. However, the value of this up/down is limited to that site only.  A global commenting framework provides the basis for developing a reputation that is global and portable.  Comments from the most reputable people are then much easier to spot.
  • Comments should be controlled by the author: Have you ever made a comment on a blog and then wanted to edit or remove it?  Not so easy. Our view of comments is that a comment made on a site is not really the property of that site.  That comment is really the author’s property. The author should have the ability to edit or even remove his/her own comment.  This is a key aspect of how is designed. You CAN take it back. is being rolled out across all Epik-powered sites:  Product Portals, Wikis, Video Portals, Directories, Recipe Portals, eCommerce and more. Your credentials are designed to work across all portal types making it easier than ever to contribute content to any Epik-powered site. This is a good example of what we mean when we talk about “The Epik Ecosystem” and for this it is a Late Great Hit for 2010’s Greatest Hits. now operational in the wild
Brandon Johnson and Dave Hammack of the Sandpoint, Idaho Operations team produced a short video about how is being used.  The demonstration is done with an Epik-powered Wiki. The same principles will soon apply to any Epik-powered portal.

The next step for will be to publish the API for any sites to add to their sites.  Details of the free Developer API will be published shortly.

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  • TJ says:

    Rob – pretty cool.

    Brandon did a good job in putting the “comments/identity” function together. A video is worth a 1000 pictures.

    *** RWM *** Thanks Todd. Glad you liked it.

    It will be interesting to watch this incorporated within the sites. A few questions – Rob:

    1) I don’t like putting personal details on any site. What assurances to you give users the info will not be used for unethical uses? Will my name/contact info be given to a marketing group that buys my demographics?

    *** RWM *** The design intent of is that your identity is kept separate from your “identity handle”. So, with you can have a verified identity but still be anonymous. You can manage what information about you is public using your account. John Lawler ( can tell you a lot more. We have been working on this together since 2007!

    2) Will, eventually, be developed so users can be notified immediately if someone replies to their user generated “comments”? If I post a comment on the jfkspeech site, then I would like to know if someone replies my comment. Or is that a feature within a questions app?

    *** RWM *** Yes, it will be possible to “Follow” any commenter, and any comment thread.

    3) Is the plan to market “” to addtothis, or the other social bookmarketing plugins (eg wordpress plugin)?

    *** RWM *** Good idea. Will discuss with the Dev team.

    A lot of stuff going on. 🙂

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