An Epik Statement on Racism and Injustice

We have a long way to go in showing one another the courtesy and respect we should each be entitled to as human beings. The degrees of manufactured separation between race, skin color, and ethnic origin are very real, and the consequences have impacted far too many generations. While blood, sweat and tears continue to flow in our streets, and needed conversations are taking place, few have found the perfect words to address the atrocities and hardships that serve to divide the many people in our society. There is so much unnecessary suffering, and many who would continue to capitalize on division and the commercialization of identity profiling for personal gain.

From an Epik perspective, our belief system and code of conduct is very clear: treat everyone placed into our path equally with kindness, humility, and compassion, and be mindful of what comes out of our own mouths, as it reflects what is carried in the heart. The potential cruelty and abuse of words, their capacity to lift or harm others, the demeaning way that so many will use loose tongues without ever understanding the consequences: words have meaning, words have power, and they can build worlds or quickly destroy them.

As a domain registrar and hosting company, the line between responsible free speech, and the rightful duties we have to protect others from the incitement of violence and racial intolerance, is a very real one. What many will not know, is the depth and degree of active engagement and activities that Epik undertakes to combat racism and reduce the promotion of violence behind the scenes. In an age where corporations quickly draft messaging statements to appease the masses, our policies and actions go well beyond political correctness when it comes to stemming the tide against indiscriminate hate. It exists at a line and level that is rarely revealed for mainstream consumption, in part because of the scope and depth of human nature, and the many variables that influence it that we are exposed to.

At Epik, we see the opportunity to operate a registrar and hosting company as a tremendous responsibility. When staffed by a group that is qualified in turning hearts, reducing hate and intolerance, transforming division, and evolving mindsets, miracles for change can truly happen. The typical events that many registrars often ignore, or ultimately push off to third party hosting companies, is the type of environment where we can impact real change. Our CEO Rob Monster is one of the rare people prepared to shoulder the burden of public perception, so that good works in private can be diligently done and to positive effect. We believe that everyone who is willing to operate within the bounds of the law, deserves a chance and opportunity to express themselves.

Through it all we always remember, that no one is beyond redemption. People evolve and often grow from their worst mistakes. It is on reflection of these decisions, that some of the best traits of compassion, empathy, and unconditional love are able to reach and heal the most hardened of hearts. If there is no one left to fight for the individuals who most need to be reached in our journey to real change, then how can we ever expect to truly make a difference? For many, life is a process of falling down. As natural optimists, we deeply hope that likewise each is afforded the opportunity to be helped back up. We continue our march diligently forward, holding in our hearts that love has already won.

If we are to have meaningful conversations in an effort to find a cure, we must first acknowledge that there are very real threats out there for hate, violence, anarchy, racism, and discord, but few exist in the form that most expect to find them. In many cases, they reflect broken hearts, lost souls, isolated children, abuse victims, and an element of the world that has been glanced over, forgotten about, discarded, and left in misery. The word disenfranchised doesn’t even begin to cover the very real challenges we face, and it is often convenient for individuals to isolate others from love for their own basic self-preservation. From this pool grows a massive disconnection for the concern for others, and it doesn’t care what your skin color is, what country you are from, what language you speak, or how you identity yourself to others. Hate is hate no matter how it is packaged, and more often than not, the root of it all comes down to fear. If we want to defeat racism, we need to understand it and treat it at the source.

Right now this world needs more empathy and love than ever before. It needs real leaders that can speak truth to power, and have the courage to stand up for what it believes in. It needs honest and open communications that are able to flow in all ways, lest new and harmful elements be allowed to navigate a growing movement for change into a parallel system of dysfunction and control.

Ultimately, we believe that if you want more friends in this world – be a better friend. If you want more freedom – give others the freedom to make their own choices within an environment that provides the support and opportunities that each of us universally should be entitled to. We are far more responsible for the transformation of our own world than we would ever know, and unequivocally the path of hate leads nowhere worth going. Gratitude and thankfulness are key elements to the building blocks of progress and success.

With this in mind, know that you are loved, never alone, and that an amazing time for transformation and positive occurrence lies ahead. The path may look frightening, but it is a battle and journey worth uniting for. For anyone trying to navigate these times, we want you to know that there are still people in the world who prioritize love and care for others as not just a way to make a living, but indeed a calling for those with eyes to see.

Robert Davis
Epik | SVP of Communications