Epik is pleased to announce the Content Dashboard, a unique new feature that offers integrated content creation, provisioning, and management to all our users. Users can scalably order and manage high quality, original text content for any properties in their domain name portfolio, enabling them to improve the value, page rank, and usefulness of their sites.

Publishing High Quality Content has Never Been Easier
Epik’s new Content Dashboard gives users the tools to thrive in an online environment that now demands high quality, original content. Highlights of the Content Dashboard include:

  • All articles are original and written by highly qualified writers whose first language is English
  • Affordable rates for whatever length articles you require
  • Place and track orders directly from your domain portfolio
  • Order articles singly or in bulk
  • Full editing and publication control
  • Payments through our standard shopping cart using credit card, PayPal, eCheck or Masterbucks
  • Works for your entire domain portfolio, including domains that are not registered or hosted with Epik.


A Bit of Background
It has become common knowledge that web site owners seeking organic traffic from search must offer generous amounts of text content on their sites. For the individual blog owner, generating text for a site is not a particular burden. However, the owner of ten, a hundred, or even a thousand domains cannot realistically hope to personally write enough useful content for his entire domain portfolio.  Moreover, the challenge of finding and paying good writers can be daunting. And thus “content farms” were born: businesses that provided free or very inexpensive content for web sites. These articles were often poorly written, having been outsourced to foreign writers, or, even worse, were computer generated from a list of keywords and SEO terms. The result was a flood of poorly written garbage that annoyed users and distorted search engine results.

The search engines fought back, most notably in the form of Google’s Project Panda, which encourages the creation of high quality content through rather draconian punishment of sites containing duplicate or farmed content. Many highly ranked sites stuffed with farmed content had the bottom fall out from under their Google page rank, and many have never recovered.  The situation is now clear: for a site to achieve and retain good SEO and rankings, it must provide value to the user via high quality, original content that is regularly refreshed.


Project Panda is an excellent example of how the Internet continues to evolve. Epik has evolved as well. Those of you familiar with Epik’s history know that we are passionate about developing domain names into high quality web sites, whether it is for a single premium domain or a thousand niche domains.  In a post-Panda world, we are committed to giving domain owners access to the tools and resources needed to source and publish high quality content — efficiently and cost-effectively. We have done this by integrating the Epik platform with a network of several hundred highly capable writers with expertise in a wide array of subjects. That is why we developed the Content Dashboard.


Provisioning Original Content with the Content Dashboard
To add an an article, just click the Manage button associated with your domain:


Selecting “Order Article” will bring you to a simple form where you fill in some details about what you want from the writer, including suggested title, article length, etc. The optional “Add Instructions” button allows you to offer specific guidance on several dimensions, including style and tone, structure, format, and desired keywords.  If you omit this, the writer will research trending topics for you.


Note that you can also order articles in bulk by selecting multiple domain names from your domain portfolio and clicking on the “Manage All” button.

In this case, a 300+ word article will be ordered for each of the selected domains, each article based on keywords found and/or generated for those domains. This is a great way to quickly seed a large number of your domains with unique, high quality content. For domain owners who wish to provide more specific guidance to the authors, or who desire more ambitious content, we recommend ordering articles individually.

In either case, whether ordered singly or in bulk, payment is the made using the familiar Epik shopping cart. You can also pay for your content using any Masterbucks you may have earned; this is a great way to reinvest domain proceeds back into your domain portfolio.

Once the transaction is complete, the system distributes your article request(s) to a group of talented writers who will compose your articles. Articles are assigned based on several factors, including subject matter expertise and availability. Future releases of the Content Dashboard will allow you to specify preferred authors or characteristics such as ratings; see below for more information. Most articles are usually completed in 2-3 days, often even faster. You can review the status of your articles by going to the Content Dashboard, which you can access from the green “Manage Account” drop down in the upper right of your screen.




The Content Dashboard provides a unified way to order, manage, edit, and publish high quality, original content to any domain in your portfolio. And, instead of dealing with six different content management systems for six different types of platforms, you can now use just one for all your sites. Once an article has been completed, you can publish your article with a single click. Or, if there are some minor tweaks you would like to make, you can take advantage of our integrated graphical text editor.

If desired, the Content Dashboard can automatically publish content to any standard or multisite WordPress-based site; this is made possible by a custom-developed WordPress plugin that ensures secure communication between the Dashboard and the WordPress site. All Epik WordPress sites and/or WordPress-based solution platforms have this plugin preinstalled. For those of you who have WordPress sites hosted elsewhere, we can provide this free plugin to you so that you can manage your content on all your domains, regardless of whether they are hosted with Epik or not. Similar plugins for major platforms such as Magento eCommerce are already under development.

Looking ahead, the Content Dashboard will give you greater control over the assignment of writers: you can specify preferred authors you’ve worked with before, or set certain criteria such as expertise level, feedback/ratings results, etc. This will help ensure that the most suitable writer is assigned to compose your article and that they continue to adapt in response to your editorial guidance.


Content Creation is a Key Component of the Domain Lifecycle
At Epik, we are big proponents of what we call The Domain Lifecycle

Once you acquire a domain, a high potential way to increase it’s value is to add compelling content. The Content Dashboard provides a unified way to order, manage, edit, and publish high quality, original content to any domain in your entire domain portfolio, including domains that are not registered or hosted with Epik. With Epik’s unified approach, content management has suddenly become a whole lot easier and more efficient.


Try it. You’ll Like It
I hope you are as excited about this new capability as we are. We encourage you to try the system out and let us know what you think!  A 300-word 100% customized article costs only $11.25.  We are so sure you will be impressed with this new innovation from Epik that if you are not completely satisfied with your articles, notify us within 30 days, and get your money back!



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  • Leonard Britt says:

    Interesting – it would be great to see some stats regarding the number of articles typically required to start getting decent rankings and how the traffic generated monetizes. And if fresh content is a must, how much one must continue to reinvest to maintain those rankings. Investing hundreds of dollars per domain times hundreds of domains is typically not practical for most domainers. Now if a monetization solution works, it can be scaled with reinvested profits. So it would be nice to see some examples which illustrate the ROI.

  • Rob Monster says:

    @ Leonard – Great question. We built this new module in order to go run that exact experiment. Manual procurement would be 2-3X more expensive due to the need for professional project management. The platform and supply chain that we developed is vastly more efficient.

    As with Product Portals, we are big proponents of making money as you go, while at the same time, minimizing investment risk. With Epik’s new Content Manager, one can launch a custom content site for tens of dollars rather than hundreds of dollars.

    To make this even more compelling, publishers can choose their preferred option for monetization, and keep 100% rev-share, e.g. from their own Adsense or Affiliate offers. We’ll be making heavy use of this new platform for our owned and operated portfolio and invite others to do the same.

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