A domain name is your unique address online. The uniqueness of these addresses makes them valuable. There is one and only one Google.com, Facebook.com, Epik.com ..etc. You cannot have two or more companies using the same domain name and hence if you desire to own a domain name that is already taken, you have to buy it from the current owner! This has led to the creation of a massive aftermarket industry for domain names. Now whether you want to buy a domain or you want to sell one, you will need an intermediary who can take care of things like domain ownership transfer, fund transfer ..etc. Finding the best place to sell domains is the real challenge! In Domain Industry these places are often referred to as Marketplaces and finding the best place to sell domains is the real challenge! 


How to find the best place to sell domains?

Now there are many marketplaces that exist for domain name buying and selling but there are some key features that one must take into consideration while choosing which one to go with. 

Here is a list of some of those :

Safe and Hassle-free Domain transfer

Whether you are buying or selling the domain name, you would want to have an easy method to transfer a domain name and also verify that you have legitimately transferred it (as a Seller). A domain name is always registered with some registrar and hence a registrar is in the best position to know whether the seller has initiated a transfer or not.

Quick Payment Deposit & Transfer

As a Buyer, you would want the marketplace to have various possible methods of depositing money and as a seller, you would want to have various options for a quick withdrawal. There are some marketplaces that restrict people from certain countries to deal and also some of them use way too slow fund transfer processes which can sometimes take 15 days. One needs to be careful while dealing with such marketplaces. 

Reputed and Trustworthy

When you are dealing with domain names, you must check the reputation of the Marketplace. There are many examples of scammers trying to defraud buyers by selling names that they don’t own.

Flexible Payment Options

 Premium domains priced at 5 to 6 figures USD can sometimes be a lot for an entrepreneur just starting up. Hence instead of investing the entire amount upfront, the buyer must get a choice of easy payment plans. Sometimes the Buyer may want to simply lease domain. This is good for testing waters as to whether or not the purchase would be profitable for him. He can then decide to buy it later at a certain price. 


Epik – The Best Place to Sell Domains

Taking into consideration the above points there are only a few Marketplaces that stand out and obviously, Epik Marketplace is the best place to sell domains.


Epik Marketplace


Epik is a domain name Registrar and Marketplace that has been into the business for a long time and is considered as 1st choice for most of the industry top leaders. It has a suite of tools built with industry co-creation, specifically for domain name investors. 

Epik being a registrar can handle the transfer of domain names very easily. Besides this, Epik accepts a lot of payment methods including Crypto which provides flexibility for both buyers and sellers, which makes it the best place to sell domains. 


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