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Braden Pollock joins Epik Board of Directors

By January 28, 2011 February 28th, 2017 10 Comments

I am delighted to announce that Braden Pollock has joined the Epik Board of Directors. Braden’s company, Legal Brand Marketing LLC, is a recognized leader in the field of lead generation markets.  In addition to making a financial investment in Epik, Braden and Epik will be advising Epik on how to provide industry-leading solutions for lead generation across 29 legal niches as well as expanding to non-legal sectors.  In addition, to his expertise in lead-generation, Braden has developed several other proven alternative domain monetization methods for future application to Epik’s fast-growing network.

Braden is a great addition to the team
The history of Braden and Epik goes back to early 2010.  Braden began working with DevRich in early 2010 after DevRich President, Luke Webster, presented at the January 2010 DomainFest Pitchfest.  When Epik acquired DevRich in May 2010, a success story with Braden was already under way. One year later, that initial order of 500 sites in January 2010 has exploded into a network of  more than 6,000 Lead-Gen sites.  Braden’s company, Legal Brand Marketing LLC, is the leading supplier of leads to DUI Attorneys in the USA with an unmatched web presence for DUI-related lead capture.

The DUI Lead Generation business
The end-user price of a qualified DUI lead is typically between $20 and $100.  As the price of CPC for DUI-related terms has continued to rise, so too has the value of the captured leads. The site below is a good example of what an Epik lead-generation site looks like.

Is Lead Generation the future of Advertising?
The  success of lead-generation business models like GroupOn and LivingSocial are worth noting.  Lead Generation as an advertising model is a very significant development which frankly even Google is behind on addressing.  I believe this was a factor in the attempted acquisition of GroupOn.  The movement of advertising dollars to CPA (cost per action) and CPL (cost per lead) makes a great deal of sense. Just as CPM gave way to CPC, I believe we are moving to a model of advertising where CPC is giving way to CPA and CPL.  This is precisely where Google is behind — the Google advertising model is almost entirely CPC, meaning they make money on clicks regardless of whether or not the advertiser makes a dime.

Lead Generation is not just about Services
The beauty of the CPL advertising model is that it allows cash-strapped advertisers to invest in advertising with greater confidence.   Even if the ad campaign ends up costing them MORE, they at least know what they are getting and can model their business plan accordingly.  The CPL and CPA models are by no means limited to service provider categories, it also works for certain types of products. For example, yesterday I met with an advertiser who is interested in promoting a premium direct-to-consumer wine. At $80 a bottle, the winery owner can afford to hand $40 to the CPA advertiser that brings him a new customer that may well be ordering by the case on their second order.

An Exciting Partnership
As this deal came together, it has become increasingly clear that Braden is a world class Internet entrepreneur.  Congratulations to Braden and Luke Webster on building a Lead-Generation success story and laying the groundwork for a scalable line of domain-centric business. I could not be more excited about expanding what is working in the DUI vertical to other verticals.  To this end, Braden, Luke and I will all be at DomainFest in Santa Monica next week. We look forward to sharing more details about this exciting partnership with anyone interested.  In the meantime, to learn more about Lead Generation solutions at Epik, please visit or information page here.

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  • Bill says:

    Wow, that’s quite an addition. The first I heard of Braden was when I was listening to a podcast interview he did while I was driving back from the in-laws this past New Year’s Day. I had to pull over in a a town called Usa (yes, in Japan) so I could pause and take notes. He’s full of great info, and it’s good to know he’s with Epik.

    ** RWM ** Thanks Bill. Braden has been generously sharing his perspective. He is on the conference circuit in early 2011 so you will probably more, particularly as these lead-gen initiatives moved beyond DUI where Braden completely dominates.

  • Louise says:

    Congrats to Braden Pollock and Luke Webster! is a nice-looking site, in an exclusive niche.

    ** RWM ** The front-end looks good. Equally important, the back-end workflow must quickly convert a lead capture into a lead sale. In many categories, the half-life on a lead is measured in HOURS.

  • tony says:

    Congrats. I find that new companies are all basing this on a pay per transaction model instead of pay per lead

    ** RWM ** Very true. I suspect we’ll see more of that. In some cases, the per-transaction model is even more lucrative. The Epik lead-gen platform supports both forms of monetization.

  • Francois says:

    I have a special affection to people who work in the lead generation industry because before enter into the domaining world that was how I was making money (+10x more I make now).

    So welcome to Braden and congrats to Epik!

    ** RWM ** Francois, thanks for all you do. Let me know when you want to get back into the lead-gen business. Europe is on Epik’s 2011 radar.

  • Vishal says:

    Just what I need on a Monday morning – bit of good news. But instead of some good news I end up getting some great news 🙂

    EPIK and its partners will gain tremedously from this move and will make the EPIK network even stronger.

    Congrats to Braden and EPIK.

  • David L.G says:

    Definitively a quality work.

  • Congrats to Braden and the Epik team. One more name to add to the all star roster. Epik, as usual, is doing BIG THINGS!!



    ** RWM ** Excellent point. The team roster analogy is right on. Without question, Braden is an A-player.

  • Hello Rob,

    We understand all the ramifications and nuances of your BRILLIANT Post! I built my entire book of financial business clients on personally visiting the people on lead generation lists.

    I agree with you on your Google softspot and their hidden list of soft spots are easily sluethed for those who care about such things. But I know this kind of stuff doesnt interest you LOL.

    Thank You for your Creative sharing.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

    ** RWM ** Thanks Jeff. The Lead-generation market is still very nascent. I believe we will see an accelerated shift towards CPL and CPA as advertisers get wise to the weak safeguards against bogus clicks. CPL and CPA is vastly more difficult to game and much easier to model ROI.

  • Sean HYnes says:

    Congrats Brandon! I am glad to see Brandon as part of the Board, he is a great addition, and has many years experience in that niche.

    I met him at the 1st Epik conference, and I was very new to the domaining industry and he was helpful and unassuming. Good choice Rob!


  • Louise says:

    @RWM said: “The half-life on a lead is measured in HOURS.”

    That’s very interesting!

    CPL – cost per lead
    CPA – cost per ad? Have to learn the new terms! 🙂

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