Breaking news – Slots.com goes for $5.5 million

By May 12, 2010 11 Comments

It has been confirmed from two authoritative sources that Moniker sold Slots.com for $5.5 million.  If this does pan out, it will set up a big week for Moniker auctions.  Epik also has WiFi.com, Karate.com, HardDrives.com and Hobbies.com as premium “domains with assets” in this auction.  Congratulations to Buyer, Seller and Broker.

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  • Best of luck in today’s auctions!

  • Chip says:

    Great sale and very nice premium. Although i can see that the potential this name has is very high and can be in the millions, I think the buyer way overpaid. Maybe they have a commerce idea for the site but I am not sure how you would monitize this name to generate enough revenue to get your value out of the purchase. A modest 6% interest rate comes out to $330,000 per year in interest alone. How much revenue would you need to generate before you could expect a healthy return on that investment? Not saying it can’t be done but playing slots online for money doesn’t seem to be in the mix. Then again, what do I know.

  • Stuart says:

    I’m sending positive vibes, Rob. Can you feel it?

  • CNA says:

    Wow, nice price tag. I’m not sure how long it will take them to make the $5.5 mil back but I’m sure the buyer has a plan. Does anyone know how much rev was slots.com generating ?

  • Wow, that is huge!

    Great name and for the right buyer, a great buy. That site will make somebody a lot of money…

    Well done!

  • Craig says:

    Great domains being auctioned at what appears to be a great venue… Rob, I wish you only the very best of outcomes!

  • Todd says:

    Rob, good luck.

    Moniker staff did an excellent job of providing quantitative data to support your price expectations.

    The offshore gambling industry is huge. Pinnacle is the best known, but slots will be a home run offshore.

  • Jones says:

    Online Slots, once us gaming online is back on track, this is a money maker all day and night, ching ching, nobody ever wins at slots, house will rake in hundreds of millions long term….

  • Dan says:

    It looks like gambling and gaming domains are setting new standards in sales this year.

  • Michael H says:

    Best of luck Rob. Your sites are great and I’m confident will do well come auction time!

    I wish you the very best!

    From Florida,

  • domains says:

    big sale, and great domain, but can’t help they have overpaid for this domain

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