One of the most important things that drives a company is having access to demanding, sophisticated customers who are willing to share their ideas on how to make a better system.  Epik is extremely blessed in this department.  We have also earned a reputation for being responsive to input and suggestions.  The result has been a rapid series of continuous improvements to accommodate the requests.

The one downside of this responsive approach is that over time, your interface becomes a bit cluttered — a pattern that I sometimes refer to as a “Yard Sale” or a “Christmas Tree”.  As such, from time to time, we need to redesign the user experience.  I am pleased to announce that today we have made one of our biggest user interface upgrades to date. Our design team, led by Ala Dadan, has nailed it.

Our main goal with the new Interface upgrade is to make it easier for you to manage your domains, whether its a single domain or hundreds of domains, you can now manage your domains easily with straight forward tools.


New Domain Portfolio Views



Registrar view

Monitor your existing domains and expiring domains. You can even monitor domains located at external registrars for FREE!


Performance View

Check your domain portfolio performance with ease. Filter domains based on earnings, appraisal value and traffic, even from external parking providers.


DNS & Services View

Update your domain settings for hosting, name servers, and forwarding has never been easier.


Marketplace View

Manage your domains for sale and lease. Approve offers with one click and close transactions without escrow delays.


Development View

Track the development status of your domains. Develop them easily with integrated tools or with partner tools.


I invite you to login at and check it out!



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  • Louise says:

    As a new Epik Registrar customer, I appreciate the update, and the memory feature of the dashboard, which allow me to quickly complete a task, as I land back at the same screen I need to make changes one domain at a time.

    ** RWM ** Thanks Louise. Yes, the memory feature was indeed due!

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