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Clarification on $500 offer from Epik

By July 30, 2010 No Comments

There have been some questions about our $500 incentive program for the Epik Developer Conference.

Herewith, a few clarifying remarks:

  • What is it?: As an incentive for conference registration, we added a $500 Developer Credit. This credit can be used for any Epik or DevRich services, including domain development and domain purchases.  The credit does not expire.
  • Who is eligible?:  The on-site conference has capacity for 150 delegates and we are reserving space for non-Domainers, notably VIP delegates from real estate and finance.  As such, we’ll limit the $500 Developer credit to the first 100 registrants.   Space is filling quickly so register soon.

As for buying domains from Epik, here is where you will find them:

  • Twitter/Facebook:  We are tweeting out the daily acquisitions here: . The tweets link out to Facebook notes pages which catalog the daily acquisitions.  We are seeing a fairly consistent 80-85% catch rate.  These domains are generally pre-approved for development.
  •  This is a partial catalog of online stores, powered by Epik, that have been made available.  Most of the stores listed here are young stores, and many of them still owned by Epik so we will do deals.
  •  This is our free site for screening drop-catches. I use this tool to screen names. We share it openly as a public service and encourage folks to backorder with us either through the form, or by sending an email to with your catch list.  First come first serve with preference for existing Epik partners.
  •  This is the catalog of live Wiki sites, many of which are also linked with other sites in the Epik network.  A number of folks are using these Wiki to build starter content.  We think that is great.

A word on pricing for domains
To the extent prices are indicated, if you are developing on Epik and Epik owns the domains, the prices are negotiable. In fact, we are getting a reputaiton for giving away domains to people who are developing on Epik.  We think this is an important way we can help people to develop successful portals.  Let’s face it:  Domain Selection is Destiny.

A special thanks to our Sponsors
Thanks to everyone for helping to make this First Annual Epik Developer Conference a huge success.   I would also especially like to thank our Platinum and Gold sponsors, and GoDaddy for being along for the journey.   We’ll be announcing additional Silver and Supporting sponsors shortly.  The generous support of our co-sponsors is what it makes it possible to give out the developer credit. I learned long ago that you make most of your money on the front end of any deal.  The decision to come to a conference is no different, and we are doing everything possible to make it as much of a no-brainer as possible!

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