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Color is money

By August 25, 2010 11 Comments

Epik Developer Todd Johnson checked in tonight to say that his color sites are making money on Epik.   I checked it and it is true.  For example, you can check the stats on Todd’s by clicking here — $39 net in a week for what used to be a parked domain. I was a little skeptical about these color names, but the data speaks

Here are some other color names on Epik that are available for adoption by Epik Developers:

Domain Appraised Value Avg Cpc Avg Search Volume 15 1.65 2,375 1,000 1.24 2,000 510 1.12 5,500 150 0.83 50,625 4,800 1.39 2,000 1,800 3.63 5,500 3,500 0.95 10,125 2,600 1.17 4,500 2,600 1.08 22,625 590 1.14 487 6,600 3.3 1,100 1,100 1.74 737 1,000 3.06 737 1,300 4.6 1,100 3,400 1.51 15,125 640 1.56 1,250 440 0.83 3,000 2,200 3.12 3,625 1,100 1.94 3,625 900 2.65 1,100 840 1.1 3,000 250 4.01 1,100 950 0.98 325 15 1.27 10,125 2,100 1.18 22,625 2,100 1.22 1,100 45 4.69 27,750 1,200 3.48 737 1,700 0.72 900 1,800 0.05 5,500 3,000 1.11 1,625 1,200 0.9 600 1,200 1.14 1,250 430 0.66 10,125 1,600 1.14 900 410 0.94 5,500 2,400 1.06 400 25 1.28 2,375 35 1.03 5,500 2,000 0.97 900 760 1.03 737 530 1.18 6,750 1,900 2.27 4,500 930 1.65 1,250 790 0.76 2,000 1,300 1.03 6,750 1,100 0.94 15,125 1,100 1.08 2,375 1,000 1.27 2,000 400 0.31 5,500 2,000 0.77 2,000

If interested in any of these color domains, contact me at There is a good chance that we’ll give some of these out for free to folks who are developing on Epik. First come, first serve.

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  • While an online business can create separate content pages, SEO optimize content, seek backlinks, etc in an attempt to rank for a myriad of search phrases, IMO one should not register domains with the idea of developing them merely because they have search volume.

    • Rob Monster says:

      @Leonard – In general, I agree with you. However, there are going to be companies that specialize in producing, inventorying and selling certain types of SKUs. As this hyper-specialization occurs, there is value in this type of targeted lead-gen. At $249, the economics obviously pencil. It would not work if your operating overhead included $10K per year to cover administrative expenses alone. This is simply illustrative of the power of putting together a portfolio of income-producing properties. A ~$40 per week site is generating $2K per year. Assemble 50 of those, and you can quit your day job while working on the next 50. That’s the point.

  • Louise says:

    “White shelves” IS a category . . . like, “wood shelves.” But “brown shelves” doesn’t get searches.

    What’s interesting is this is a case of a term with searches under 10,000, yet, it earns well because it is less serviced . . . BIN at Snapnames: $399.00

  • Michael Szerencsy says:

    I’m impressed with how you are able to assemble these sites with an ecommerce revenue source. However,
    the only part of the sites that have any seo value is the homepage and various category pages. I find this limiting the sites traffic since none of the full product pages can be used as content on the developed site. The user is immediately sent to the affiliate partner. I am wondering if you have plans to change this drawback?

    Thank you

    • Rob Monster says:

      @Michael – we have internally discussed the idea of having product-level tag pages, i.e. one page per product. The tag page would include an area for commenting, powered by So, yes, it is in the plan. The largest challenge is that the product SKUs and prices are changing constantly which limits the value of cacheing static content. The other point is that it will reduce click through, which is the CPC monetization event. It is safe to say that there is a healthy internal debate. As we move to CPA and Drop-ship, it is safe to say that there will be detailed tag pages by product.

  • Todd says:

    Rob, thanks for the mention.

    Epik provides tremendous synergies and cost savings that I could never produce, on my own, with I respectfully disagree with Leonard on one issue: I would hand-register a .com domain if the search volume supported the product. The search volume indicates “people” want/demand the “product” and if “wishpot” provides for the products to be on the sites, then I would be a fool not to hand register a domain. I would never hand register a domain to flip it though.

    It’s a different mindset of a domain buying a domain and flipping it. I’m buying domains for Epik to develop and for me to make money on. I’ll wait for another day to sell the domain. Domain flippers & domain developers (via the only alternative that is affordably scaled in price and efficiency: have different mindsets.

    If the idea is to make money via products: the google exact word match is where it’s at. .com & .net extensions. I am following Kenny’s (eg best practices of only owning dot com’s. No reason to fight the battle of not owning the premium tld.

    Epik allows products to ride the backs and coattails of,, – in terms of SEO, site development, website issues, accounting. The leverage and the synergies are immense.

    Rob/Max/Luke/Tal: I offer a heartfelt “thanks” for bringing a great service to the very average person on the street.

    • Rob Monster says:

      @Todd – Thanks for letting me share this example. It is great that folks can learn from others in terms of what is working (or not working). The color domains definitely deserve a look. I would not have come to this conclusion had you not pointed it out. This is illustrative of a “network effect” in the community of developers.

  • I’ll agree that product portals are far less costly to get up and running than a physical business. But one has to ask the question – who would open a store in a mall or shopping center which only sold “black flip flops” or “black hair extensions” or “white hand towels” or “yellow lingerie” or “white suspenders”? Normally businesses carry a multitude of products within a category such as women’s clothing or intimate apparel or beauty products or home accessories, etc. It seems odd to try to build an online business on very small search volume phrases in very thin product categories when 90% of traffic goes to sites on page one of a major search engine, Adsense CTR is typically 1-2% of website traffic and affiliate buy rates are normally even lower than Adsense CTR.

    Admittedly, it has been stated that you aren’t going to become rich off of just one of these sites and that a large number of producing sites would be necessary to generate a meaningful income. Actually one possibility is that traffic could be brought in on one search phrase and a site could cross-sell other similar products. In the end the results will speak for themselves. As someone once said, “Show me the money” 🙂

  • roddy says:

    i must admit i am changing my attitude to domaining as i would normally search for hand reg ‘future terms’ .. i own but like everyone else need to make some money until that big pay day so i am quite pleased to have submitted and to make a start on a different direction to my domaining ……people associate with colours definetly

  • Rob Monster is correct in his analysis of Todd’s sites. I have watched Todd build his sites from parked domain names into $$$ makers! He is GOOD! Dan.

  • mano says:

    “who would open a store in a mall or shopping center which only sold “black flip flops” or “black hair extensions” or “white hand towels” or “yellow lingerie” or “white suspenders”?

    Leonard, you just give the answer why would some one open a brick and wall store only focusing to a limited niche but being “searched”

    The net are capable to assemble anything that wished by anyone on any particullar products with the help of exact match domains + epik store.

    That’s the power of keyword domains; We have a “name” and there is technology to assemble anything “related” @ color with just a click which will never be economical nor practical for a pyhsical business.

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