Deal Friday

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Quick heads up.  Epik’s domain auction platform is out of beta. There are a couple of domain auctions that are closing later today which I think are interesting. They also happen to be bargain-priced.

ShakeFlashlights.com is a domain that we acquired on the drop on November 5 using Epik’s integrated backorder platform.  We paid reg-fee for a domain that Estibot appraises for $8,800.  The auction bid is at $49 and closes in about 2 hours from now.

InkJetCartridge.com is a developed website. It went live earlier this week as part of the growing base of product portals that are being produced on the Epik | Product platform. The auction listing is here.

The Epik drop-catch platform keeps improving. We are consistently outgunning Godaddy now — about 100% of the time. This will be the subject of an upcoming post. We are excited to bring some innovation to this part of the domain value chain.

In addition, the Epik domain auction platform keeps improving. The chat feature has been viewed as a positive innovation. In the interest of transparency, we also provide full auditability of all bids, and all bidder profiles.

Feedback welcome.

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