Selling a domain could be a very hard process. Here are some tips and tricks which will help you in domain flipping and could be beneficial in understanding how to sell a domain name.

Do a Research

Do some research before pricing your domain name, knowing your domain name value is very beneficial as it gives you a clear picture of your possible end-user. Always check what domain name is getting sold and for what price. Learn what successful domainers are doing and how they price their domain names. Check Namebio for the daily sales report.


Pricing domain name with the market standard is always crucial for domain flipping. Not every startup and business has millions of dollars to buy a domain name. Most of the time new startups or businesses may have only a low budget, so price domain name at a sellable price.

 A single word domain name can be easily sold in 5 figure-7 figure range. But a two-word domain name or brandable domain name won’t be going to sell for those amounts. A two-word strong domain name can be priced from $2000 to as much as $10k some time more depending on the quality. A brandable domain name is always priced between $1500 to as much as $3.5K.

Domain with sellable BIN (Buy-It-Now) price tends to sell quickly. In this case no negotiation involved so you just need to have a sellable BIN price on your domain landing page. 

Use Domain For-sale Landing Page

Always use a domain for-sale lander to list your domain name for sale. The buyer checks the domain name directly by typing in the address bar. If they land on your landing page they will get every information about your domain name and enables the potential buyer to contact you directly with an offer or to purchase immediately if a BIN price is set. domain for sale landing page is the best in the industry. It’s the most versatile landing page builder which allows you to set a background image, BIN/offer options, contact form, add SEO and is completely customizable.

Domain Flipping- Tips & Tricks

Make Sure You are Reachable

Apart from landing page contact form, make sure that your whois database information is available publicly to increase the probability of your domain name getting sold via a simple email from a possible buyer. 

Register Domain Name with Fast Transfer Supported Registrar

If you are a domain investor and want your domain to be sold quickly, do it so via Sedo or Afternic fast transfer. Always make sure that you are using a domain registrar that supports both. is a domain registrar that supports both Afternic and Sedo fast transfers. Listing your domain name on every domain aftermarket will give your domain more exposure. 

Use Email Tracker

If you are doing outbound for your domain name, make sure to use an email tracker as it will tell you how many times your email was opened and it gets you a clear picture of the possible next move by the potential buyer.

Learning about how to sell a domain is a very lengthy process, but it could be very beneficial if you spent time on this. The above-listed domain flipping tips and tricks should give you some knowledge of selling a domain name. 


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