Domaining is one of the most lucrative industries I know out there. Folks have made millions of dollars by selling domain names. The person who buys and sells domain names is called a domainer. If you are a domainer or you just want to start your domaining career as a domainer, you would need some resource which helps you to shine your skills. The tools which I am going to tell are some domain tools that are helping domainer a lot or at least very helpful to decide on a domain name.

1.Finding an Expired Domain Name

Every domainer knows that every best domain name which has potential value got registered a long time ago, but there are still ways to get some of them. The way to find potentially expired or about to expiry name is a tough process but thanks to following domainer friendly tools which help us to find the one with ease.  


Using, you can gather all the information about a potential domain name which is about to expire or dropped. It will let you know everything about that domain name. You can check the Alexa rank and count backlinks as well and can see when the name was first registered. also lets you know about domain names that are in the auction or available for purchase in an aftermarket like Epik, Godaddy auction or Sedo. It’s a free service, and I believe it’s one of the best domainer helpful resources available currently. 

FreshDrop is another domainer tool which helps you to find sellable about to drop or expired domain names.

DomCop is another excellent tool that is very useful for hunting a good domain name. Domcop has lots of features that will tell you the potential of the domain name. Domcop uses metrics from Ahrefs, Semrush, as well as plenty of other top-notch tools, and that’s why it’s a paid tool but worthy of every penny. 

2. Drop Catching Tools for a Domainer

Now, after finding a good domain name that is about to drop and you want to catch it before anyone else, then you need to use drop catching services/tools, which are called Domain Drop Catching Tools. Many tools help you to catch the domain name by paying a fee. It varies where some of them charge a lot and some low.

Epik Drop Catching is one of the most reputed domain registrars. Epik offers full-fledged domain registration services and provides everything that a domainer needs including domain name registration, escrow, domain lander, domain marketplace, and domain drop catching services for the lowest cost. Using Epik Daily Diamonds, you will be able to catch dropping names at the lowest price in the industry. Epik recently introduced a new platform for this called NameInvestors.


SnapNames(Namejet) is one of the oldest drop catching tools. They collaborate with, and Namejet now is part of NetworkSolutions, which is the world’s first domain registrar. It costs around $79 to backorder a dropping name.


As the name itself suggests what sort of the tool it is, I don’t think I need to tell you that it’s another drop catching tool that every domainer is using. The chances of catching dropping names through are always high as it uses the network of domain registrar which Dropcatch owns. It’s around 700+ domain registrars. The standard backorder rate at DropCatch is $59. It goes to the private auction if there is more than one person trying to catch a domain name.

3. Outbound

Outbound is a process where the domainer sends emails to potential buyers who may be interested in buying names. Most domainers use many outreach tools that help them to find the prospective client for their domain name.

Hunter offers you to find professional email addresses associated with any website. You can easily look up the email address of a prospective buyer using this. You just need to put your target website in the address bar, and the hunter will list every email address that’s the site is associated with. 

There are other less-known tools that are still useful. Check them out if you want to dive in deep with them: Find available short domains  Domain Name Generator Explore what the world is searching Shows available domain names The best information about domain traffic and backlinks New GTLDs stats for sales and registering Keyword-based instant domain name search whois information site Good for finding domain history

All the above-listed tools are beneficial for a domainer. It saves tons of time, and if used smartly, this can be very beneficial in finding a good domain name. 

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