You might have heard the word domain. What about domaining? If you are entirely new to this, I will start with a brief explanation of the term domain.

A domain name is an address used to identify a website.It can have extensions like .com,.net,.org and several others based on geography, profession, ethnicity and more. There are 1514 top-level domains(TLDs) as of January 08, 2020 (source: ICANN).A domain name can be registered for a fee on a yearly basis through a domain registrar like Epik.

Now let’s have a look at domaining. Domaining is the process of buying and selling domain names. It’s a speculative business for those people with an intention to shoot the moon. It’s a business that requires a lot of patience to become successful. Even though people say that all the good domain names are already registered, you can still find good ones if you spend time in that.

There are two ways by which you can build a good domain portfolio:

  1. Register good domain names that are available.
  2. Buy good domain names from others.

The first option requires only the registration cost, which is normally affordable. But for the second option, you will need to invest more in order to get good domain names. So if you are low in budget, go for the first one else the second.

Here are some important tips to remember as a new domainer:

1. Do not start investing before you learn domaining. The selection of domains is very important whether to register or to buy. This will save you a lot of money. As a beginner, you should spend some time around domainer forums like Namepros to learn the strategy. There you can learn a lot from veteran domainers.

2. It’s also recommended to do research using Namebio, where you can search for the sales data for a particular keyword and extension. The number in sales indicates the popularity of that particular keyword/niche.


3. You can use Estibot, a free domain appraisal tool, to find the estimated value of a domain. Even though it’s not a complete method to evaluate the worth of a domain, as a beginner you can use this tool to get an idea of the domain value before you make any decision.


4. For registering new names, it’s recommended to use a domain registrar like Epik also offers you the facility for bulk searching, where you can put up to 500 names at a time and search. If you have a registered account, then you can even request support to increase this limit. Also,if the names are available, you can purchase them immediately without any hassle. If you find a domain you are interested in is already registered, you can backorder it. Backordering is a service that attempts to register a domain name for you when it’s available for registration.

5. If you plan to buy valuable domains from other domainers, you can do so by using services like Epik Marketplace, Flippa or Namepros Forum.

Epik Marketplace


6. Check for valuable expired domains every day and catch them before they drop. For this, you can make use of the Epik Daily Diamonds section in the Epik Marketplace.

7. Acquiring domains is not the only process in domaining. You should inform the world that they are for sale or lease. The recommended method is to build an SSL landing page for your domain using Epik. You can also list them at a popular marketplace like Epik Marketplace.

8. For beginners, it’s recommended to invest in the most popular extension .com since it has a very high probability of getting sold. When you become experienced, you can move on to other extensions.

Do not spend a lot of time researching. After acquiring some knowledge, you can start buying/registering domains. For the ones you think have more value, you can keep them for a long time. You should also register/buy domains for quick selling and make a profit. This is the best way to learn domaining. The motto should be BUY-SELL-LEARN. The more you do this, the more you learn and will become better and better in domaining.

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