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DVD-Copier: closing auction for a developed website

By November 22, 2009 2 Comments

A quick heads up for a closing auction. is a developed website that we produced on the Wishpot platform.  The site went live 10 days ago and has now been indexed by Google.  The Estibot appraisal for the domain alone is $7,000.  The bidding for the entire website is currently at just $50, and includes the hosted website with original content.

There is one piece of unfinished business with this website. The Q&A feature on the top-nav is not yet in production. This will go online next week. To see an example of what this looks like, check out what we deployed to with the new Q&A feature. The new Q&A feature is also available on a stand-alone basis through a product called Epik | Q&A. More on this soon.

For awareness, the Product portals have been Epik’s hottest sellers. We have already produced nearly 200 product portals in the last 8 weeks. The normal setup fee for these sites is $249. We originally developed for our own account. Since there is already one submitted bid, we have no choice but to let the auction run.

And for the record, Epik will never (ever) shill bid. Also, once an auction listing has at least one bid, it is our policy that we will let the auction run its  course, even if it means that the item is sold for below fair market value.  The implication is that there will be some domains that will sell for bargain prices. I consider it an investment in the long term success of the Epik auction platform.

The auction listing is here.

Also, a few more upcoming auctions for product portals that have been developed: – Current bid is at $150. – Current bid is at $149.

And for the Twilight fans, we have  My wife is actually from there so we get to that town regularly to visit the in-laws.  Been there, seen the movie, bought the domain name.

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