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Easily … the easiest .info play ever

By July 18, 2010 February 27th, 2017 21 Comments

I am pretty sure this is the easiest domain development ever.  It is also the cheapest — you can build a live SEO-worthy site for under $1 by using a .info domain and powering it with a free Epik Wiki.


The .info TLD is perfect for Wikis and Godaddy lets you register them for $0.89 for the first year.  Starting a little more than a year ago we registered a few thousand .info names and began experimenting with using DevHub to power reference sites.   Contrary to rumor, the .info domains indexed fine to the extent that there is worthwhile content.  Even though we won’t renew them all, we successfully verified that you can develop a .info that will rank in the search engines. Of course the same works for other TLDs.

Here are the steps for building your $1 Wiki site:

1. Register a .info with high search volumes, e.g. 500+ exacts.   There is no shortage of topics — people, places and things — with high exact search and for which a dedicated Wiki community is justified.  If you are not ready to take on full development, you can build a free Wiki instead.


3. Visit the new site. This activates the Wiki site, which can take a few minutes to complete.  If you have an account, you can login and edit the site.

4. The WHOIS registrant will receive a confirmation of the new Wiki as well as add your Adsense publisher ID.  The site will be listed in the Epik marketplace.  As your traffic grows, the valuation of your site increases.

That’s it. You are done.  If someone edits the Wiki site, you are notified via email along with anyone else who signed up for the newsletter for that site.  And with the Wiki marketplace, you now have 1 full year to find a buyer who will pay you more than $1 for a site that requires zero training to manage.

Importantly, the model scales.  A developer can start with a $100 domain development budget. With that $100, you can have 100 sites. You now have one year to sell any one of them for $100, or generate $100 of ad revenue across 100 sites, in order to recoup 100% of the original investment.


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  • If at some point one sees the EPIKWIKI gaining traction with search engines and wants to upgrade the site to another EPIK product, is the transition a fairly smooth one (incorporation of existing content, videos, photos)?

    Also interested in EPIK’s view of the announced merge of Bing & Yahoo search results. From my observation, new alt TLD sites have had an easier time ranking at Yahoo than either Bing or Google. If Yahoo results become more like Bing, those easy exact-match rankings and traffic will likely disappear.

  • Will says:

    Before I go nuts registering .info domains… do you think it’s safe to register domain names using a prominent person’s full name (like or is a domain name like “” a safer strategy? Thanks.

    • Rob Monster says:

      @Will – We have a lot of celeb names on Wikis. We call this “Cleaning up the web”. I blogged about it here. If you do create a Wiki about a famous person, there is a decent chance you will want to hand it over upon request. For perspective, our policy is to only deal with the person themselves, and never their agents. As a result, we have met some fascinating people while providing a useful community service. If you are a fan of Maria Shriver, and can bring some editorial value to a Wiki, then I think it is fair game. All that said, our hand-over rate is less than 1% from a 1 year trial.

  • tricolorro says:


    Just to be clear:

    Only the Name Servers have to be changed.

    The domains don’t actually have to be entered anywhere.


    Does it matter how the domains are entered to get the correct keyword parsing?

    Should the domain be entered as:

    FlatFeet .info or flatfeet .info or doesn’t make a difference?

    If a domain’s keywords are not parsed correctly, how can it be corrected?

    I’m getting page load times 20 seconds to over 30 seconds.

    Anyway to improve that?


  • Rob Monster says:

    @Tricolorro – Thanks for trying it out. Answers:

    1. Right, only the name servers need to be changed. Since you put in your own Adsense account, we don’t need to have you create an account to use an Epik Wiki. It is just a NS change.

    2. The load time is slow only the first time you submit the site. After that it should be fast.

    3. Once the site is active, you can login at the Wiki site and edit the site. If you login using the WHOIS email, it will automatically recognize you as the owner. If not, we can manually add you as an administrator for that Wiki site. Just send an email to and we’ll get you set up.


  • Rob Monster says:

    @Leonard – good question.

    So, the idea with any Epik-powered site is that it is easy to upgrade to a higher level of development. Epik Wiki is free. And this will not be the last free content platform from Epik either as we are very serious about helping domain owners to breathe life into domains that are worthy of development. This is another step in that direction.

    If content does build out on a Wiki site, there is the option of porting to another format, e.g. Directory portal, Minisite or Product Portal. Alternatively, you can maintain the Wiki site, and back-link to your “money site” while continuing to provide the Wiki as a service to the community of engaged enthusiasts who are adding content.

    Anyway, when the time comes to take a domain to the next level, we are here to help make the right call on the development plan, not just for that one domain, but also any domains that are related or adjacent to the site that is already getting traction at that point.

  • tricolorro says:

    Thanks for the answers Rob.

    I don’t have an Adsense account yet so it seems I should apply.

    Once I have an Adsense account, where and / or how do I add it?

    Since one of the objectives may be to eventually sell the domain(s), how should related domains be handled?

    Example 1:
    Singular and Plural combo -a Buyer may be interested in both & a package deal could be offered

    GourmetDessert .info and GourmetDesserts .info

    Should there be a wiki for each domain even though it is sort of redundant?

    Should one redirect to the other?

    Or just Epik Wiki-ize one and do something else with the other?

    Example 2: related domains and

    Should or can there be any linking relationship between domains like those above?

    What about multiple related?

    Thanks again, Rob.

  • Rob Monster says:

    @tricolorro – to add your Adsense account Publisher ID, you need to be an administrator. I sent you the instructions on how to make yourself an administrator.

    Recipe name are great for Wikis. I would pick one for the Wiki and 301 redirect the other. If you need help with the 301 redirect, let us know and we’ll take care of it for you.

    As for adding related links, once you are in your Wiki, you are welcome to add contextual links to other active Wikis.

    Over time, we will also manage contextual cross-linking between related Wikis. You will see some of this on the right side of the page as these related links get identified.

  • Will says:

    How do we demonstrate the value of our wikis to a potential buyer? Is there a way to insert Google Analytics code, etc.?

  • VRtv says:

    hi Rob

    @ google ,
    my epik-wiki-powerred , ‘s been raised again ,
    from ‘the #4x ,
    to ‘the current #14 ,
    for search-term o’ “`Mississippi Missouri”” <<< About 105,000,000 results

    mmmmm , o k , real not that too bad
    mmmmm , o k , thanks , 2w

  • Louise says:

    @ VRtv, I don’t see it. Is it #14 or page 14?

  • VRtv says:

    @ Louise , good afternoon , My Fair Lady

    just checked again , to me , it’s really #14 ,
    but ,
    i’m in hk,China ,
    hence ,
    google may serve me w/ differrent results , from those shown 2u

    & , i guesstimate ,
    bcause – there’s nO adsense in ,
    there4 – google would not think it a site made-for-adsense ,
    there4 – google would not punish it


  • Louise says:

    @ VRtv, I went through 11 pages of google search for, Mississippi Missouri, no domain by “,” even typing without a space. Why don’t you post some original content, and see if it does better?

  • Bill says:


    I just posted Very nice and automatic, and I will spend some time getting many other names up there.

    I need some help in editing the title to break up two words, and in adding my adsense info.

    This is the first time I’ve seen something that’s as easy as parking, but with content that might keep a visitor off the “back” button. Nice job.

  • Louise says:

    @ Bill, it’s likely going to work itself out. The servers are a bit buggy at the moment!

  • VRtv says:

    My Fair Lady Louise

    good morning

    yes , ‘the rank o’ MississippiMissouri does have been dropped ,
    but ,
    probably due2 followinh
    – our originnal contents @ MississippiMissouri , were removed , even w/o our knowledge !!!

    i have just checked MississippiMissouri thrice ,
    every time , it took about 5 seconds to load it up ,
    just too slow , google hate it !!!

    by the way , u have also said –
    “` he servers are a bit buggy at the moment! “”

    thanks , 2w

  • VRtv says:

    @ Rob

    suggest 1

    i have just visitted MississippiMissouri again ,
    this time , it took around 10 seconds ,
    please ,
    please make it load fast , A.F.A.P. ,
    otherwise ,
    v ‘MUST NOT get many other our properties up on epik-wiki.

    suggest 2
    please make the contents//comments added by the whois-registrant
    to b unremovable


  • Performance improvements are coming to the EpikWikis. The Wiki platform has been popular and they are getting heavily crawled.

  • Stefan says:

    Hi Rob

    I still didn’t receive e-mail on my registrant mail, can I somehow resend it?

    Best Regards,


  • Jeff says:

    It seems like Adsense has been taken down or is currently not working on the Wiki sites

  • Rob Monster says:

    @Stefan – Sent you instructions via email.

    @Jeff – If you want Adsense, you would add it to your sites as an administrator. Epik does not run Adsense on Wikis by default. There is space for it for those who want to activate Adsense.

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