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Epik and Moniker/Oversee join forces for live auction event at September 16 DevCon

By July 2, 2010 February 27th, 2017 2 Comments

Over the last several months, I have had the privilege of working with several of the talented folks at Moniker and Oversee. In addition to confirming Moniker as the exclusive auction partner to manage the upcoming sale of at the August DomainFest in NYC, Moniker is now also confirmed as the exclusive auction partner for the Epik Developer Conference in Seattle. The live auction event will be held on September 16, 2010 from 1:30 pm with remote bidding via Proxibid.


Partnering to build and sell Domains with Assets
The term “Domains with Assets” is Moniker’s term for describing a developed website. At Epik, we tend to view a website as an online business. The challenge for a buyer of an online business is how to manage hundreds or even thousands of online businesses. That would be near impossible, unless, those businesses could be managed on a unified platform. This is exactly where the auction/sales partnership between Moniker and Epik is an obvious win-win.

Epik is building a unified platform that allows an investor to manage their domains across the entire lifecycle: Acquire, Develop, Operate, Sell. At the core, Epik is a Domain Development company. We provide a growing number of managed technology platforms which make it easy to develop and maintain profitable websites. The addition of Moniker’s ability to sell these developed websites provides Epik’s Developer Community with access to a scalable and proven sales team.

As for Oversee/Moniker, not much introduction needed here. These guys have become a titan of the industry with an enormous domain portfolio, one of the most complete product lines, a talented leadership team and the bluest of blue chip backers.  Though leadership transitions from Founders is not with risks or challenges, I think we are beginning to see the emergence of an exciting next phase for Oversee under Jeff Kupietzky. And in case you missed it, Jeff crushed it yesterday on CNBC:

Auction Inventory coming soon
Looking ahead, we expect to finalize the joint list of websites for the September 16 auction by the second half of July.  Pre-auction bidding will begin during August.  Look for further details in upcoming posts and on the Epik Conference Program page which will be updated regularly with emerging details about the program, venue, accommodations and the auction itself. To be included in the September auction, a domain should either be a developed website, or a super-premium name that Epik has confirmed to be ready for development by the prospective owner.

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