Epik.com is pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of BitMitigate.com, an integrated solution provider for Content Delivery Networks, Denial of Service protection, DNS resiliency and Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

What is BitMitigate?

Founded in 2017, BitMitigate has developed a comprehensive suite of tools for protecting websites from malicious traffic while also improving performance through a proprietary Content Delivery Network and Web Application Firewall. The result is higher uptime, faster websites, greater scalability, increased resiliency and a dramatic reduction in vulnerability to malware. As of February 2019, BitMitigate processes more than 400 million requests per month. Epik began cooperation with BitMitigate in 2018 through the development of a variety of advanced services for preserving digital security and privacy at Anonymize.com, including a quantum-resistant VPN, DNS Resolver, private web search and web proxy.

A Timely Deal adds Mission Critical Technology

In the wake of rising censorship and organized efforts to de-platform and incapacitate practitioners of lawful free speech, there is a growing need for effective counter-measures. The high profile defense of Gab.com as a registrar client was also a wake-up call to the fragile nature of the digital value chain that allows online brands to operate on the public internet. Arbitrary takedowns by domain registries, domain registrars, web hosts and DNS providers all collectively represent vulnerabilities resulting in not only active censorship but also self-censorship by publishers who may feel compelled to actively remove lawful content, as well as actively cancel the user privileges of lawfully-engaged content contributors.

BitMitigate is a nimble innovator in a market dominated by one company: CloudFlare

The brand BitMitigate will continue as a wholly owned division of Epik Holdings, Inc. The sector that BitMitigate competes is currently dominated by CloudFlare, a company that protects a reported 10 million websites and which is expected to go public in 2019 at an expected valuation of $3.5 billion. Although CloudFlare has carefully navigated the Free Speech issue, their upcoming IPO is expected to create new expectations from institutional investors that may cause them to reconsider their willingness to provide services to some customers, or adjust pricing in response to investor demand for increased financial performance.

Nicholas Lim joins Epik as Chief Technology Officer

BitMitigate founder Nicholas Lim will continue as President of BitMitigate. He will also join Epik Holdings as Chief Technology Officer and co-architect of the fast-maturing Epik technology ecosystem. Rob Monster, Founder and CEO of Epik.com explained the appointment, “Nick Lim is a very rare talent. He combines a profound capacity for full-stack software development with a rare zeal for making the work better while connecting the dots to turn vision into reality. I look forward to partnering with him to realize a shared commitment to making the Internet work better.”

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  • James Iles says:

    Congrats Rob & Nick!

  • Luc says:

    Congratulations to Rob and Nicholas! This is a great match for both companies. Cyber attacks are a serious threat to EVERY online business and it’s good to know that there are companies other than Cloudflare in this space. The internet is meant to be de-centralized and having one company host everything (ex: Amazon) and another company protect network flow (ex: Cloudflare), defeats the point and weakens the structure of the internet. It’s good to have other players in this space and I’m glad Rob is now one of them. The tools offered by BitMitigate look like a complete package. I look forward to checking out the BitMitigate Ddos protection service and testing it on our upcoming service. Congrats to both parties.

  • Kan says:


  • Congratulations to epik. Looking forward to the cdn market needs a strong competitor.

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