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Domain development is a popular topic these days in the domainer community.  Domainers with large portfolios have the challenge of having to develop and maintain a number of sites. For large portfolios there has historically been little or no economies of scale. After all, to get any sustainable traction, each domain had to be hand-crafted, developed and maintained.  Along came minisites  as the would-be panacea.  Maybe not.

Some of the main challenges with minisites include:

  • High up-front costs:  A decent minisite from one of the established providers costs $200-300.  The ad-based income on a “successful” minisite might average $1 a day.  So, after month 1, the domain owner is $170-270 in the hole for each site produced.
  • Poor maintainability: Once a site is built, that is just the beginning.   As Rick Schwartz posted recently, a mini-site is really a mini-business. Anyone who launches a minisite needs to look ahead to the larger plan which is hard to do if executed as a one-off investment by a contractor.
  • Stale content: Because most mini-sites are sold as a static site, any SEO win is likely to be fleeting since ranking on search engines is predicated on demonstrating a commitment to justify that top ranking through superior content.  The competition is innovating and so must you.

Epik Pro – Power tools for domain development

We are announcing Epik Pro just in time for TRAFFIC NYC (see you there?). What can you expect from Epik Pro?

  • Site editing tools:  The rumors are true. We integrated the DevHub site editing tools. Many people are aware that I was a founding investor and am an active Director on the Board of EVO Media Group (parent of DevHub). I think the DevHub team is doing an outstanding job.
  • Our ad feed or yours — you decide:  Have a good ad feed? With Epik Pro you can integrate your own ad feeds. Alternatively, you can blend in any of the existing DevHub monetization units like affiliate, CPC ads, SuperPages directory, etc.  No revenue share required with Epik Pro.
  • Content feeds:  Epik Pro comes with an ever expanding array of content sources as well as user-generated content features and community engagement tools.  There is much more to come in this area as we learn what works.
  • Google Analytics and Sitemap submission:  By popular request, you can add Google Analytics directly into each site, and generate sitemaps on the fly for submission into Google Webmaster tools.
  • Directory submission: Build your site with Epik Pro and your directory submissions are included. This is made possible through a growing partnership with Trellian’s AddMe.
  • Link-building tools: We all know that in-links matter. Epik Pro adds enhanced tools to manage link-building. Epik also provides you with multiple in-links from elsewhere in the Epik network.
  • Commission-free auctions:  Epik Pro has integrated the DNKO auction platform. If your site is powered by Epik Pro, your site can be listed at auctions.epik.com commission-free.  That’s right — no listing fee, and no minimum commission.

How much for all this functionality?  Just $7.95/month. Try it out for 30 days — risk-free. If you don’t like it, we’ll issue a refund. If you want to use Epik Pro for a portfolio of more than 100 sites, contact us about our Enterprise pricing plan.  We’ll keep improving Epik Pro so send us feedback.

Still want more help to build your websites?  Help is here. Epik’s team in the offshore center is growing under the leadership of the talented Chathura Bandara who is quietly assembling a small army in his native country of Sri Lanka where civil war has ended, the economy is growing and the stock market is booming. Chathura worked at my previous company Global Market Insite (GMI) and was kind enough to work with me again.  Details about Epik’s content services program are here.  And yes, I am aware that these prices are crazy low.

Ready to “Go Pro”?
Getting started with Epik Pro is easy.  Login here.  If you are a new Epik network member, click “Join the network” and follow the steps. Once your account is created, and you have added domains, click the “My Sites” tab, and next to any listed site, you will see the option for “Upgrade to Pro”.  Give it a shot. I think you’ll like it!

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