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Every dog has his day

By July 18, 2010 February 27th, 2017 3 Comments

Creative dealmaking is something that I enjoy, particularly when it gives Epik the opportunity to work on a domain that might otherwise be out of reach for development due to the circumstances of the owner.  Sometimes it means bringing together a 3rd party. If it is a deal that makes sense, Epik can help make it happen. And sometimes we get lucky.


Last week we were able to finalize a deal with domain portfolio owner Harry Daskal.  The deal involved one of the most complete portfolios of names related to puppies.  It is a natural choice for building on our directory platform.   The portfolio includes more than 1,000 pet and dog related names, including some of these gems below.

Domain Appraisal Search volume Avg CPC Ad competition 45,000 204,600 0.42 high 19,000 204,600 0.76 high 7,900 204,600 0.43 low 920 204,600 1.72 low 17,000 136,400 0.46 high 31,000 136,400 0.68 low 20,000 136,400 0.41 low 28,000 136,400 0.49 high 4,700 112,220 0.59 low 1,400 91,760 0.47 high 3,300 75,020 1.26 low 540 61,380 0.5 low 3,600 61,380 0.49 low 2,400 50,220 0.43 low 1,200 41,044 0.66 low 7,400 33,604 0.45 high 410 33,604 0.4 high 10,000 33,604 1.71 high 10,000 27,528 0.51 high

We initially put these domains on the Epik Wiki platform in order to start the indexing process following an extended time on a parking network.  In about 2 weeks, we’ll start rolling out directories of breeders and service providers.

Other recent examples:

  • Drew Sharma owns  Now that is a gem.  Here is our domain appraisal.   The always energetic Friend of Epik, Todd Reum, brought us the opportunity to develop it.  Drew is looking for $100K for the domain. The domain appraises for considerably more.  If someone wants to buy it from Drew, Epik will pre-approve the development with an exclusive for the video production category.
  • Shai Neubauer brought us the domain  I first met with Shai more than a year ago at deli in mid-town Manhattan. I won’t forget that meeting.  Although we did not get a deal done then, we got a deal done earlier this month. The timing is perfect as we are integrating into our directory strategy in a way that I am personally excited about.  As a result, it made sense for us to take this one on a no-cash basis.  We will release the first phase in August.

Challenging times call for creative solutions.

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  • Louise says:

    Congratulations – that looks great! Besides help the little guy with some less-than-stellar valued domains, you have big deals with top-level names . . . it is representative of Epik!

  • Kevin says:

    Nice portfolio! The first one on the list jumped out at me as I recently acquired Looks like I’ll have some competition 😉

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