Today the world has about two dozen generic top-level domains (gTLDs) including the popular ones (.com, .net, .org) as well as lesser known ones such as .mobi and .tel. Over time, 200+ country codes TLDs (ccTLDs) were created for all countries, e.g. .ca for Canada or .jp for Japan. When the addressing convention for the Internet was developed nearly forty years ago, TLDs helped create structure and boundaries within the Internet. As initially conceived, .COM denoted commercial businesses, .EDU were restricted to accredited education institutions, etc. Of course, at the time, there were perhaps 100 domains, so this structure worked well. Forty years later, there are over 250 million domains, with more than 111 million domains assigned a .COM designation. As anyone who tries to hand-register a name knows, a good one is hard to find. Simply put, the Internet has outgrown its current naming conventions.

The difficulty with finding a short and intuitive domain name is about to be solved. After many years of discussion and planning, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a nonprofit body that oversees the structure of the Internet, has authorized a dramatic increase the number of top level domain names. Over the next two years, well over a thousand new gTLDs will be made available, with the first new names available in about a month. Among these new gTLDs are names like .LAWYER, .CAMERA, and .RESTAURANT. You can find a complete, categorized list at the end of this post. Epik is pleased to announce that we can currently help you pre-order the names you need for your business or investing needs. Much more on this below.

Industry Impact

The act of dramatically multiplying the number of TLDs is going to materially affect the domain name industry. What is not clear are the specific ways the status quo will change in both the short and long term. Are the new gTLDs a vital new way to improve web navigation while protecting and extending brands, or will proliferation of new names only add confusion, driving even more domain investors to the “safety” of .COMs? For many years, the lodestar of domain investing was the “category defining domain name”, e.g. or, for which large amounts of money were spent. Are these new gTLDs the next generation of category defining domain names? How does this affect direct type-in navigation, and by extension, domain parking? How will search engines react?

The truth is that although everyone has an opinion on the matter, like all sea changes, no one truly knows. What is incontrovertible is:

  • The introduction of new gTLDs will have a significant impact on the Internet
  • How you react to them will be a strategic decision
  • It is critical for domain name owners and investors to educate themselves on the gTLDs

But there is one last, incontrovertible aspect of the multi-year rollout of new gTLDs:

  • The vast number of new names, some very similar to each other, will be confusing, making it more difficult to navigate all of your choices.

This is where we at Epik have been hard at work — simplifying the domain selection process and streamlining the management of domains across the domain life cycle.

Becoming Informed: The Epik gTLD Field Guides

Epik is pleased to announce that we can pre-order the names you need for your business or investing needs. But more than that, we hope to help educate you on the names that are becoming available. We have developed a “field guide” to the new gTLDs. Each new name has a page in which we have placed information that may help size the market or otherwise help determine whether or not to invest in that name or others like it. To start your exploration, go to


Main page of Epik gTLD Field Guide



Pre-Ordering gTLDs Through Epik

There are numerous tools within the Field Guide to order domain names, either singly or in bulk. You can simply add the name to a watch list; whenever there is news about that gTLD, you will be notified.

Among the major features are:

  • Exclusive pre-order sold on first-come-first-serve basis
  • Easy-to-use watchlist
  • Ability to acquire a spot on a Preferred Waitlist
  • Ability to track specific domain names and/or just gTLDs
  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade pre-orders to/from waitlist
  • All pre-order fees are fully refundable

We have integrated the preordering and tracking of your new domains into our existing backorder system, as you can see below. Over the next few weeks we will be rolling out additional features, including one that will give you a clear picture of how many people are competing for the same domain name; these new features will be applied not just to our new gTLD pre-ordering system, but to our backorder system as well. We strongly believe that accurate information and a transparent process are critical to any any backorder or preorder system.


Categorized List of the New Generic TLDs

Commerce Real Estate Technology Media Industry Sport

.academy .college .courses
.degree .education .ged
.how .institute .mba
.phd .prof .scholarships
.school .schule .science
.shiksha .study .university
.abogado .accountant .accountants
.actor .archi .architect
.associates .attorney .broker
.builders .career .careers
.consulting .contractors .cpa
.cpa .dds .engineer
.esq .holdings .investments
.law .lawyer .legal
.lighting .management .marketing
.partners .vet
.ads .agency .auction
.bank .banque .bargains
.best .bet .bid
.blackfriday .booking .boutique
.business .buy .cab
.capital .cash .cashbackbonus
.casino .center .cfd
.charity .cheap .claims
.clothing .company .corp
.coupon .coupons .credit
.creditcard .creditunion .deals
.delivery .diamonds .discount
.enterprises .equipment .estate
.exchange .expert .finance
.financial .financialaid .flights
.fly .forsale .foundation
.free .fund .gift
.gifts .gmbh .gold
.gratis .group .guide
.inc .ira .jetzt
.kaufen .limo .llc
.llp .loan .loans
.lotto .ltd .ltda
.market .markets .money
.mortgage .mutualfunds .new
.now .onl .ooo
.parts .passengens .pay
.productions .promo .pub
.qpon .repair .report
.review .reviews .rocks
.sale .salon .sarl
.save .secure .security
.services .shoes .shop
.shopping .show .solutions
.song .spreadbetting .srl
.storage .store .studio
.sucks .supplies .supply
.tax .taxi .tickets
.tienda .tires .tours
.toys .trade .trading
.vacations .ventures .viajes
.voyage .vuelos .watches
.xin .yellowpages .zone
Real Estate
.apartments .casa .condos
.frontdoor .haus .home
.homes .house .immo
.immobillen .land .lease
.maison .mls .place
.properties .property .realestate
.realty .reit .rent
.rentals .villas
.analytics .anquan .antivirus
.app .blog .box
.cam .camera .channel
.chat .circle .click
.cloud .codes .computer
.connectors .contact .data
.dev .digital .direct
.directory .docs .domains
.dot .download .dvr
.ecom .email .energy
.epost .express .fail
.feedback .foo .forum
.fyi .got .graphics
.gripe .guru .help
.here .host .hosting
.idn .java .link
.live .lol .mail
.map .meme .mobile
.network .ninja .one
.online .ott .page
.patch .phone .pid
.pin .ping .protection
.safe .safety .search
.site .software .space
.spot .stream .support
.systems .talk .tech
.technology .translations .trust
.tube .vision .vivo
.wang .watch .web
.webcam .webs .website
.weibo .whoswho .wiki
.win .winners .wow
.wtf .xihuan .zero/a>
.art .audio .book
.exposed .film .gallery
.media .mov .movie
.moviestar .music .news
.photo .photography .photos
.pics .pictures .press
.radio .tunes .video
.adult .auto .autoinsurance
.autos .bio .build
.car .carinsurance .cars
.catering .cleaning .construction
.cruise .cruises .design
.eco .engineering .farm
.fashion .florist .furniture
.glass .green .grocery
.hotel .hoteles .hotels
.industries .ink .insurance
.insure .international .jewelry
.lifeinsurance .limited .moda
.ngo .ong .plumbing
.porn .reise .reisen
.solar .tattoo .versicherung
.are .baby .band
.beauty .bingo .black
.blue .boo .camp
.cards .care .club
.coach .compare .cool
.dad .date .dating
.day .diy .dog
.est .events .faith
.family .fan .fans
.final .finish .flowers
.fun .game .games
.garden .gives .giving
.guitars .hair .holiday
.horse .ing .jot
.joy .juegos .kid
.kids .kitchen .life
.lifestyle .like .living
.love .luxe .luxury
.makeup .meet/a> .memorial
.men .moi .party
.pet .pets .pink
.play .plus .poker
.read .red .rehab
.retirement .rich .rip
.room .rsvp .run
.sex .sexy .singles
.smile .social .soy
.spa .style .team
.tips .today .tools
.training .uno .vip
.vote .voting .voto
.wed .wedding .work
.works .xyz .yachts
.yoga .you
.baseball .basketball .bike
.boats .cricket .dance
.fish .fishing .football
.futbol .golf .hockey
.moto .motorcycles .racing
.rodeo .rugby .ski
.soccer .sport .sports
.surf .tennis
.africa .arab .art
.author .bcn .bible
.broadway .buzz .bzh
.catholic .christ .church
.city .corsica .country
.desi .earth .eus
.gal .gay .global
.halal .hiphop .hot
.imamat .irish .islam
.ismalli .kim .kiwi
.kosher .krd .lat
.latino .ids .lgbt
.moe .mormon .nowruz
.pars .persiangulf .roma
.ruhr .tatar .theater
.theatre .town .ummah
.wanggou .world .yun
Food & Drink
.bar .beer .cafe
.cityeats .coffee .cooking
.eat .food .ketchup
.menu .organic .pizza
.recipes .rest .restaurant
.vin .vodka .wine
.cancerresearch .clinic .dental
.dentist .diet .doctor
.fit .fitness .health
.healthcare .heart .hiv
.hospital .med .medical
.pharmacy .physio .skin
.stroke .surgery
.airforce .army .democrat
.navy .overheidnl .politie
International (IDN)
.企业 (enterprise) .娱乐 (entertainment) .游戏 (games)
.商店 (shop)

We encourage you to utilize the gTLD Field Guide so you can learn more about this dramatic change in the Internet, and how you may wish to respond. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions on how we can best help you navigate these new waters.

John Lawler
SVP, Products

Join the discussion 2 Comments

  • Leonard Britt says:

    Let me think – I can’t afford to buy a condo overlooking Fort Lauderdale Beach so the solution is to build 25-30 miles west in the middle of the Florida Everglades. How many folks do you think want to live with alligators and pythons as next door neighbors? Would you buy a condo (pre-construction) in that neighborhood hoping to flip it?

    If you look at .COM registration growth over the last 10-12 years you will notice that the pace of growth has slowed considerably in recent years. I don’t doubt that there will be individuals registering these new TLDs for personal blogs. Developers will probably also register a few as well. However, knowing the challenge of selling decent keyword domains in .Net and .TV, I am not convinced that speculation in these new TLDs is going to work out very well in the near term. So it becomes incredibly risky to register these domains with the intent of resale.

    ** RWM ** Thanks for the comment Leonard. Personally, I am not underestimating the significance of the new TLDs. The impact will be measured over years not months. The folks who purchase these new registries will have large up front costs, but then near-zero ongoing costs. As such, it is a foregone conclusion that these new registries will be around forever. How quickly they mature into recognized brands with broad end-user adoption remains to be seen. I think TLDs like .LAWYER will be the first real barometer.

  • Leonard Britt says:

    Well, it will be interesting to watch. The aftermarket for existing alt TLDs probably won’t benefit from the launch of all these new TLDs. I believe the typical domain portfolio sells maybe 1-2% annually. It will likely take a while for any aftermarket to develop for these new TLDs so while there are some interesting TLDs it is risky for the average individual to acquire a large number of these new domains as investments.

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