Are you a  domain investor or you bought a domain name for developing it but short of time because of other works?  Now, are you thinking to sell or lease your domain name to someone else who could develop it or use it for their project? Great!. This is possible only if you know how to sell a domain name.

The two most important factors in selling a domain name are the right pricing and the sales platform. When you get both of them right, you should be able to sell your domain name fast. 


Here are a few factors to consider while pricing a domain name:

  • One-word domain names are very expensive because they are easy to remember. Shorter names are pricier than longer words.
  • Domain names made from common words are also expensive.
  • Names that end with “.com” are generally more expensive than names with other extensions.
  • Domain names that are easy to spell are also very expensive.

If your domain name does not have the features above, you may need to drop its price to make it sell fast.

Selling Platform

Like other products, the wider your audience, the faster you are likely to sell the name. So, you need to choose a site with a lot of daily traffic of people looking to buy domain names. You can try reputable marketplaces like:

Epik Marketplace

Epik Marketplace is one of the fastest-growing domain aftermarket platforms where you can list your domain for sale. You can use the Epik sale lander to host your for-sale landing page for free. Epik not only offers domain aftermarket but also offers to list your domain for lease or rent. You don’t need to worry about anything. Once a buyer bought your domain name via Epik, you just need to provide the auth code and all will be handled by the Epik Domain Escrow team. 

Epik Marketplace

Afternic/GoDaddy Auction 

Afternic is one of the domain aftermarket platforms which has a network of hundreds of domain name registrars for more exposure to your domain name. They offer you to list your domain name for sale through their marketplace.




Sedo is another domain name marketplace that has sold millions of dollars worth domain names to date. They offer auctions and marketplace listing. It is one of the most used platforms for selling and buying domain names. 




You can sell your domain name through Flippa. All you have to do is to list your domain name on the Flippa domain marketplace or place it in an auction. You should consider this as the last option as on Flippa most buyers are domain investors and hence they can’t pay you the end-user pricing. 


Making your contact information visible in the whois database is another advantage for selling domain names. You can make your information available in whois database so that they can contact you directly and offer to buy the domain name from you.

Other domain name selling platforms include brandable domain marketplaces such as BrandBucket, Brandpa, and Squadhelp.

Knowing how to sell a domain name is important to become a successful domainer. As discussed above, the right pricing and the selection of selling platforms are the key factors that increase the sales probability of your domain name. Once you do the right pricing and market your domain name on the right platform, it will sell a lot faster.


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