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If you think DevCon is expensive, I have news.

By August 31, 2010 5 Comments

We are now just 15 days from the start what promises to be a great conference.  Yesterday evening I had a discussion with a new Epik Developer. It gave me an insight into how the Epik DevCon is perceived — he thought the conference was expensive.  In fact, DevCon is an insanely good deal. One short discussion later, the new Developer agreed and registered. Read on and I think you will agree!

The original intention of the Epik Developer Conference was never to be a money-making event in and of itself. We fully expect to put more into it than we would immediately get back. Rather, it is intended as a dialog among stakeholders who want to earn recurring passive income while at the same time making the web work better.  The event was really never intended for Looky-loos who don’t have a sincere interest in Domain Development or the Future of Domaining. The $795 price-tag screens out the Looky-Loos.

So, here is what you get as a registered delegate for your $795 Registration fee

  • A minimum of $500 in Developer Credit (aka EpikBucks): You can use this credit for buying domains, development services, content from Epik partners, or bidding at auction.  And the EpikBucks never expire and are fully transferable to other Epik developers.
  • A seat at the table at a very cool event: While Seattle may not be famous for its hospitality, we have put together a program that we think delegates will find fun and rewarding.  I am confident that this conference will make you money and that you will have a good time.
  • Quality time with some very smart people:  I have seen what happens when you bring a group of smart, focused people together for a couple of days.  I expect DevCon will be no exception. To make it even easier to meet fellow delegates, later this week, we’ll release an online community platform for the conference.
  • Domain Swap event will be a game-changer:  The Friday (9/17) morning Domain Swap event will be one of several game-changers.  As part of the Swap event, Epik will make a pool of approximately 3,000 developed sites available for rock bottom reserve prices. These can be bought for cash or EpikBucks.
  • Some great take-aways and some great give-aways: The learning content from the content-packed program should yield some great take-away insights.  We also look forward to giving away many of the great domain names that we were able secure over the past year to those who wish to develop them.

For bargain hunters, note that there are a few Promocodes floating around from Godaddy and Owen Frager’s Domain Success.  And for those who need financial assistance, we’ll do our best to help out.  Seriously, if you still think DevCon is a questionable investment, let me know ( or robertmonster on Skype).

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  • Tom says:

    Man I wish i was attending this, found out too late..
    Next year for sure

    • Rob Monster says:

      @Viqi – In the coming year, DevCon will go on tour to a few major cities for one-day events. That being said, The Seattle Epik DevCon in September will be the big annual event. We tried not to interfere with the timing of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur but I know that some folks are limited due to holiday scheduling. The main conference schedule does wrap up at noon on Friday for folks who need to fly East on Friday.

  • morgan says:

    Rob – I think it’d be great if you could pen a post on “Preparing for a Domain Swap”. For folks with sizable portfolios a little advanced planning will probably be in order to make this a productive happening.

    + How many domains would you suggest bringing to the table?
    + Should we have stats in hand?
    + What’s the format? Will it be a free-for-all or will there be “deal makers” on hand to facilitate introductions?

    etc. Should be fun! Having flashbacks to marathon baseball card trading sessions…

  • viqi says:

    I hope next year it is closer to midwest 🙂

  • Rob Monster says:

    @Morgan – Yes, coming up soon. Details on DevCon Swap coming up 2 posts from now.

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