Epik Update on PayPal Acceptance


As many will now already know, PayPal has been on an active campaign deplatforming and terminating the services of tens of thousands of US companies, individuals and organizations. In a time of COVID that has already amassed incredible financial hardships, their direct actions are impacting millions of people around the world, and disrupting lives with no provocation or warning. PayPal has been locking down accounts, seizing funds for six months with no prior notice, and would seem to be targeting the domaining community in particular. For the organizations we’ve seen impacted, PayPal has also gone after the personal accounts of staff members, and seized them as well with no justification or reason given.

There can be no doubt that this is strategically planned, as their CEO Dan Schulman himself has given interviews stating clearly that outside organizations are now guiding selection criteria on who they choose to do business with. PayPal would appear grossly negligent in recognizing the incredible responsibility it carries as a monopoly, as such careless disregard for its users can create instant hardship and financial challenges that have lasting consequences. Especially as PayPal is often the choice for millions of traders involved with countless products and services, who use the platform when they are unable to have credit cards or bank accounts. However, PayPal’s actions look to be intentional, calculated, and per their own words – in the interests of centralizing power. That means they believe they can choose who you deal with, where you get your information, news, updates, and services in the future, and whether or not they think you have a right to engage in business independently.

Epik itself is but one of many registrars and hosting companies having to deal with unthinkable abuses over the course of 2020, as efforts to preserve freedom, information, and truth being shared with the public have been under constant attack. In October, PayPal made the decision to terminate payment acceptance for all of Epik’s customers, and went as far as telling us in writing that they had no obligation to explain why or ever grant an appeal to be heard. This was after more than a decade of positive service with no prior administrative issues, and zero past reports or incidents of negative account activity.

While we extend our apologies for not making the announcement sooner, we had held out hope that involvement and expected investigations from both the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice would result in service restoral. Unfortunately instead, when PayPal learned we filed an FTC complaint, within 48 hours they engaged in a highly malicious press campaign that saw one hundred ninety-five articles created in an attempt to reduce Epik’s report of historical events. We believe there should be concern about the organization or alliance that has the capacity to instantly create nearly two hundred negative hit pieces, especially against a small business in an attempt to cover their own actions.

For the Epik customers that this may impact, please accept our deepest apologies for any temporary inconveniences that may be experienced. Our commitment and care for each of you remains unwavering, and our team members are available anytime to discuss alternatives and individual support. Epik has many options for payment available, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Wire, ACH, and even various forms of cryptocurrency. We can also accept Western Union, as well as direct deposits through any Chase or Wells Fargo Branch. Please reach out direct to (815) 429-3254 if you have any questions, or would like to discuss alternative forms to pre-fund your account to reduce fees for routine renewal requirements.

In closing, we extend our personal thanks and appreciation to each and every Epik customer. We have never taken your business for granted, and have strived to provide the highest levels of personalized service and care for all of our valued customers. We thank you for your support, appreciate your business, and would ask you to keep us in prayer, as we work to help prevent PayPal’s actions from happening to other entities in the future. If you happen to keep a significant balance with PayPal, we would most strongly recommend you visit their Twitter page. There are now thousands of transparent comments that will allow you to see the impact it makes when suddenly all of your funds are confiscated without warning.

May the future be bright, and the challenges we uniquely face be overcome with grace and confidence.

Yours Faithfully,


Robert Davis | SVP Strategy & Communications
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p: +1.815.429.3254 | c: +1.815.780.0189
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