Pay for TRAFFIC with EpikBucks – Offer expires on September 30

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We always knew that Rick Schwartz and Howard Neu had vision.  So, when we asked them if they would be open to the idea of accepting EpikBucks as a form of payment for the upcoming TRAFFIC conference in Miami, it was no surprise that they wholeheartedly embraced the idea.

TRAFFIC is a franchise worth preserving
In recent years, attendance at TRAFFIC has dropped off, in part because the cost of the event became prohibitive for all the most successful domain investors.  Other conferences filled the gap with lower cost short-format programs.  However, for networking with the power players, TRAFFIC is still the venue of choice.  Attracting a new generation of domain investor is part of what will keep the TRAFFIC event worthwhile.  At the same time, a modicum of creativity will help out those individuals who are what I call Long on Domains, Short on Cash.  That is where EpikBucks can play a role.

Paying for TRAFFIC with EpikBucks
TRAFFIC has generously agreed to an arrangement which will allow conference attendees to pay for their conference attendance using EpikBucks.   This offer expires on Thursday, September 30, so act now.  To take advantage of this offer, here are the steps:

  1. Submit names for review by the Epik SwapFest team.   To do so, just send your list of eligible names to
  2. Upon review, we’ll confirm a valuation in EpikBucks.  Please allow up to 48 hours for an estimate.
  3. Once an EpikBucks offer is accepted, you will transfer your selected names to Epik. Your EpikBucks account is credited.
  4. You can now use your EpikBucks.  Confirm your TRAFFIC registration by 9/30 to pay with your EpikBucks.

We are delighted to see the EpikBucks currency emerge as an industry currency. In an economic environment where conventional cash remains tight for many industry participants, I believe there could be a vast range of ways in which this alternative currency can get things moving again.  The early indications have been great.

SwapFest Miami will be open to the public
The upcoming SwapFest in Miami will be the second time we run a SwapFest.  It will be on the morning of October 20.   For folks who absolutely cannot swing the TRAFFIC budget for the 4-day extravaganza but still want to participate, there is good news.  Access to the on-site SwapFest event will be open to the public.

If you wish to submit names for the upcoming SwapFest, send them to  Here is the timetable:

SwapFest #1

  • Public bid cycle ends – Thursday, September 30, 5 pm PT  – submit bids to
  • Winning bids confirmed – Friday, October 1.

SwapFest #2

  • Domain submission cycle ends –  Friday, October 14, 5 pm PT
  • SwapBook published – October 15
  • SwapFest for on-site participants only – October 20 10 am
  • Start of Public bidding – October 22
  • End of Public bidding – October 29, 5 pm

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