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The Epik Product Portal network is ramping nicely.   This week, we’ll release 102 hand-crafted sites, and 104 sites are on deck for next week.   Epik clients are looking for more great product portal names that can be developed and are paying cash for these names. No auction crapshoot required!


What are Epik clients looking for?
The product portals that we are looking for have the following characteristics:

  • The name should map to a product category or niche.  You can use Wishpot.com as a search engine to find products.
  • The exact search volume needs to be 500+ for a name with $1+ CPC. We will consider lower for a $5+ CPC name.
  • The name should not trespass on a registered trademark.

A few other things:

  • We prefer .com or .net.  For an exceptional keyword, we’ll consider another TLD.
  • We will take hyphens that make sense.  So, Water-Bottle.com makes sense but Footbal-l.com does not.

Are we buying? You betcha!
During the last 24 hours, we acquired 45 product portal names from their prior registrants.

Payment is made via PayPal or wire transfer upon delivery of domains.  Closing within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can choose to do what one seller has done which is trading a block of domains for development services on other names. We are pretty creative guys. If a deal makes sense, we’ll do it. If it was a win-win, we’ll do it again. If not, we won’t.

Send your Product Portal names to rob -at – epik.com

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  • Stefan says:

    Is there an option to purchase epic product portal without revenue share?

    btw nice blog Rob,

    Best Regards.

    • Rob Monster says:

      @Stefan – Yes, we are working on a Pro and Enterprise product which have lower and no revenue share options. I will blog about it soon but it is available now. We learned that people who are investing in SEO and PPC in particular are sensitive to this issue. Keep in mind that Epik has negotiated high revenue shares with its feed providers so even if a network member gets 100% revenue share, they may still want to use our feed. Contact me at rob -at – epik.com for details.

  • While this might sound like a far-fetched idea, I believe there would be interest in the domainer community at different price points of upfront development cost versus revenue share. Even a website generating minimal revenue due to low CTR or high revenue share still has a promotional value in that it is getting search ranking and traffic which potential end users might find worth acquiring (an early exit could be compensated via a sales commission to EPIK). Development beyond minisites understandably comes at a higher cost while domainers with large portfolios often cannot finance large-scale development of their entire portfolio.

  • Rob Monster says:

    @Leonard — yes, that is the feedback we are getting. We’ll go there. Details coming soon.

  • Stefan says:


    Thanks for your reply. I am asking that mainly because it is probably much harder to do successful arbitrage with 50/50 revenue share.

    I will follow updates on your site.

    Best Regards.

  • Sharon Hayes says:

    Rob purchased a set of 12 domains from us 2 days ago. Was an easy transaction. We hope to do business again with him.

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