Letters from the Front – Efforts to Combat Racism


The reality that most do not yet understand, is that the subversive efforts by both Wikipedia and the SPLC, have been designed to manufacture polarizing content, and to feed a media machine that has long since abandoned any form of ethics or integrity in the pursuit of their objectives. They exist today primarily as a control tool to protect political narratives. They create and direct hate with ruthless intention, construct false brand identities to destroy lives with ease, and dedicate their highest functions to giving air cover to organizations like Cloudflare, GoDaddy, PayPal, and others. Their achievements and alliances are celebrated and rewarded with unscrupulous protection, special access that would defy the imagination, the most privileged of elitist VIP treatment, and even the occasional past visits to islands that offered unthinkable acts of violence and sexual depravity. Yet our public continues to sit back and allow for these revelations to be continually uncovered – and then conveniently forgotten.

The cost of their malfeasance has stimulated immeasurable harm to reputations and livelihoods, impacting millions of people in all corners of the world who are harmed by the continuance of their manipulative actions. They are traitors to this world and to the future of humanity, as organizations like Epik are left alone against all odds, on front lines combatting real hate where no one else can see.

The truth doesn’t get any prettier going forward, but accountability should. We are encouraging the Federal Trade Commission, the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the employees, executives, consultants, legal advisors, and customers of all big tech monopolies and organizations, that have actively worked to tarnish democracy, to take a stand. #BeEpik