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Sell your development-grade domains at the September 16 Live Auction

By July 26, 2010 19 Comments

The countdown to the September 16 Live Auction event has started. This event is unique in 2 ways: (1) the live auction is focused only on sites that are either already developed or in development, and (2) the event content is designed for a diverse audience of professionals from real estate,  hedge funds, venture capital, investment managers, and merchant banking, as well as veteran domainers.

The live auction begins on Thursday, September 16 at 1:30 pm PT
The September 16 auction is a featured event of the 3 day Epik Developer Conference in Seattle, September 15-17.  The auction is run by The planning is being jointly spearheaded by Michele Van Tilborg of Moniker and the Epik team.  Here is the time-table for the weeks leading up to the live event:

  • Featured auction inventory is selected – July 31
  • Start of media campaign – August 3
  • Auction list is finalized – August 3
  • Targeted pre-sales of approved premium inventory – starting August 10
  • Press campaign with final auction inventory and start of online pre-bidding (August 31)
  • Pre-auction notification (September 15)
  • Live auction on Thursday, September 16 from 1:30 pm PT

The auction will be live at the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle.  In addition to live participation, remote bidding will be possible via Proxibid. The live auction will feature 100 listings. In addition to the Live auction, an extended auction will be conducted for an additional 200 properties.

Selling your development grade domains

Epik still has several openings for domain submissions for both the Live auction and the extended auction.  To be eligible for inclusion in the September auction events, a site should be any one of the following:

– Is a com with an appraised value of $25,000 or more on

– Is a .net with an appraised value of $5,000 or more on

– Is .co,, .tv., info, or ,org with at least 5,000 exact matches

– Is currently getting at least 100 monthly unique visitors

– Is currently earning at least $50 in monthly revenue

– Is in the top 5 positions on Google for the exact match term.

To submit a development-grade domain for inclusion in the auction process, contact me at rob -at-

Register soon
If you have not registered for the conference, space is limited, so secure your spot here.   Register before July 31, and take advantage of a $500 incentive.

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  • I had a few questions regarding submissions. By exact matches I assume you mean Google Adwords Keyword Tool Global exact match search volume. Any rules regarding reserves or is this a no-reserve auction? Also, do domain submissions have to be currently developed by EPIK i.e. product portal, etc or just any domain which meets the search volume or traffic criteria? Are you only interested in English domains for this event?

  • TJ says:

    Rob, it sounds like Epik is raising the bar for the entire domain industry. Parked domains will lose their luster as real content & real products are sold on websites with Google Exact Local word matches. Bringing domains to the forefront of typical-stock/bond investors will be a major catalyst for the domaining industry.

  • VRtv says:

    when’s dead-line for submission o domain in to auction ?? thanks , 2w

  • Rob Monster says:

    August 3 is the day we are seeking to finalize the featured domains which will appear in marketing literature for the event.

    We’ll continue to process some inquiries after that, notably for the extended auction up until August 24 or until all slots are filled with impressive inventory.

  • Rob Monster says:

    @TJ – Could not agree with you more.

  • Rob Monster says:

    @Leonard – I am referring to stats from, our free tool.

    As for reserves, this is negotiated as part of the approval process. The auctions are priced for engaged bidding and a successful outcome for all stakeholders.

    Domains do not need to be developed, however the domain needs to be approved for development on the Epik platform. A TM name would have high stats but would not be approved, for example.

    We will also accept established sites with revenue, profit and traffic.

  • vbb says:

    Do I need to be a member of EPIK to send my domains?

    • Rob Monster says:

      @VBB – It is recommended but not required that the site be developed at Epik. We will work with sellers to come up with an appropriate approach, and are pretty creative on how to get that done.

  • fan says:

    Hi Rob,

    Sounds great! However, could you please tell us where and how to submit our domain names? Thanks a lot!

  • byDomainers says:

    Great news, and I think this is the best alternative for domainers!

  • Liz says:

    Hi, How often do the auctions take place?

    • Rob Monster says:

      @Liz- This is our annual live auction event. So, this is the main time of the year to buy and sell developed sites. However, we also are working closely with to develop more frequent auction events that specifically focus on developed websites and development-grade domains.

  • Ben says:

    What about the premium domain names earning under $50

    • Rob Monster says:

      @Ben – Sure, send them over and we’ll take a look. It is not per se about what they earn NOW, as opposed to what they COULD earn once further developed or operated. The sites should either be developed or in development before the start of the auction. This way a buyer knows what they are getting into — more than a domain name, and rather a domain that is now a business.

  • Rob,

    Is the domain sales category focus on “real estate, hedge funds, venture capital, investment managers, and merchant banking,” as you quoted in your article about the market attendees? (Potential buyers). Are you guaranteeing that a certain amount of attendees will be interested buyers from these business fields?

    I have a few premium domains in these areas, but not developed on Epik. Some are developed minimally on WP, and the rest are parked. Most get more than 100 visitors, but the $50 monthly per domain is asking a lot, especially in these times where our PS’s are struggling, and those big percentage payouts from PPC conversions no longer are appearing. (remember, this is a non-transparent business where parking is involved).

    So what kind of domains can I send to you by email, and what stats would you like? Will you just make it easy and look at the domain on its merits by character count, generic description, high yield prodserv relevancy and .com basis?

    Additionally, your conference fees are pretty high, especially for a new event. What are your best benefits, in a nutshell, for forking over $700 to attend 3 days of your event? Is this conference going to only showcase EPIK? Or will other domain buildout – content development companies going to be there?

    If we buy a ticket, do we get good food? Great keynote speakers not working for EPIK, but who have experience in buildouts? Will we have sessions with builtout/SEO professionals, not exclusive to EPIK? The conference site doesn’t give a lot of info on what the tickets give the attendee… at least I can’t see what the ticket prices include. The hotel info is just a boilerplate ad for Edgewater.

    What’s the food situation? What’s the room rates? Does the price include a room? I’m a short drive away, but I’d like to know what I’m getting, in detail.

    I did notice you will give $500 credit for an EPIK domain buildout, but what’s that cover? One domain fully developed, or half developed? Any further turnkey expectations?

    Please give more details!


  • Rob Monster says:

    @ Stephen Douglas – good questions.


    – The attendees will be a blend of domainers and non-domainers. For non-domainers, we are mainly targeting Seattle, Portand, Vancouver, Los Angeles and Phoenix.

    – To date, promotion of the conference has been limited to web. In the weeks leading up to the conference, you will see other media outlets.

    – The description of eligible domains was described in the above post. Feel free to send prospects for review.

    – Domains do not have to be developed on Epik to be included at auction. We just accepted the site That is a leap for us but the site makes $30K profit per year from lead-gen.

    – The conference program is being finalized, including outside speakers who we think will be great sources of perspective on best practices. We’ll announce details next week.

    – The conference fees are not high at all. It includes $500 in developer credit. For anyone serious about domain development, I think it is a pretty easy call. See latest post on this topic.

    – We negotiated discounted room rates with the Edgewater. This was referenced in the original post about the conference: https://localhost:8888/epikblog/epik-developer-conference.html

    – The catering will be better than TRAFFIC… And the Thursday night cruise on Elliott Bay includes a Pacific Northwest buffet and open bar for the duration.

    Hope to see you there!

  • Hi Rob,

    You might want to read my response closely here. You definitely should email me after.

    Some of my questions are answered here, but I’d like to see your website promoting your 1st event built out at the level of expertise your company is promoting to anyone who wants their New Media marketing directions controlled by experts in that business. In that realm, their domains need to be evaluated to find the best domain focus for Epik buildouts receiving the best results.

    *Additionally, I’d like to see Epik understand the most basic factors in purchasing domains that define a company’s prodservs, including their promotional events.

    From my understanding on your blog article – you’re producing an event to show domainers and companies (endusers) how to get their websites built out properly to make money, and become substantial websites that serve the visitors who come to the sites Epik has built.

    You should email me so I don’t have to reveal stuff here! I have some gifts for you, and you will definitely be happy that it’s me who has them – instead of someone in Asia/India somewhere, using proxies.

    I won’t say anymore here, lest I give away some things unscrupulous characters might take advantage of. I’m kind of like the “Sniper” Daniel Jackson in “Saving Private Ryan”, but not as cool.

    Write me soon.

  • Liz says:

    Hi Rob,

    When’s the last day for domain submissions and confirming all DN sale-related logistics/paperwork?

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