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February is shaping up to be a productive month at Epik. In this post, I will briefly highlight two of our latest beta releases — and — and will then put these latest developments into the broader context of the emerging Epik ecosystem. goes beyond existing slide-sharing services. It is the first slideshow web publishing platform that supports most of the major Powerpoint animation features in a web browser.  To use it, simply upload a Powerpoint file, and a few moments later your slideshow can be displayed in a secure read-only web format — complete with effects, builds, sound and video.  By contrast, and Scribd allow only a static slideshow experience.


What is also notable about is that it is our first site built entirely on a Microsoft stack — .NET, SQL Server, Silverlight and Azure cloud services.  The thinking here is that Microsoft will eventually need a strategy to migrate the Powerpoint brand to the web while at the same time reinforcing the Microsoft search strategy. We hope they might choose

We are looking forward to a steady pace of improvements to Over time, we expect media objects to appear across the Epik network and hopefully beyond.  In addition, we are really excited about the Silverlight platform and what it offers in terms of an advanced platform for rendering multimedia in novel ways.

The idea of is simple — create a natural language search engine which helps a user to find places on the web where they can get answers to their specific question. However, rather than cluster all answers to all questions in one megasite, applies a federated model where the content is distributed across a network of subject-specific sites that combine content and community.

The deployment of has just begun and will continue during the current beta phase.  If all goes as planned, within the next 90 days, we expect to roll out across more than 1 million sites. We also plan to open up a API to other publishers who wish to embed Q&A into their approved websites.

The Epik Ecosystem
From the outset, our objective at Epik has been to build what we refer to as a User-centric semantic media network. That’s a complicated way of describing a user experience that is consistent from site to site and where content is intuitively cross-linked across sites.  The following image is illustrative of the emerging Epik network, including both (1) vertical content like Directory portals, Product Portals, Q&A portals and Reference portals, and (2) horizontal content such as,, and, to name a few.


Update on Product Portals
Epik’s network of product portals continues to grow at a steady pace.  Recent feature additions include coupons, metrics reporting, improved SEO, and integrated Q&A.  During the next few months, expect a series of new innovations, including universal shopping cart with payment clearing, product submission, Twitter broadcasting, price break alerts and integrated A/B testing.

We are enthusiastic about what is taking shape here. For example, think of a universal shopping cart like being able to go to a mall and shop at any of the boutiques and specialty stores and then only have to go to one register to pay for your purchases after shopping anywhere in the mall. That vision is not too far off into the future.  There is more to come from the Epik | Product platform.  A sampling of portals appear below.
Hard Drives
Flapper Dress
Flight Attendant Costumes
Halloween Costumes for Baby
Rose Pendant
Sterling Silver Heart Locket
Tennis Rackets
Audio books
Bluetooth Speakers
Bluetooth headset
Compact speakers
Computer batteries
Computer lapdesk
Internet Security Software
iPod Stereo
Language Translation Software
Network Switches
PC Notebooks
Wireless Printers
Aikido Bokken
Aquarium Equipment
Bag Couture
Black Pleated Skirt
Black Riding Boots
Camping and Outdoors
Cheap Skis
Children Clothes
Cinch Bags
Cup and Saucer
Diaper Zone
Dining Room Table
Flat Ankle Boots
Ironing Accessories
Organic Soy Candles
Red Pleated Skirt
Rice Cookers and Steamers
Snow Mobile
Stand Mixer
Tennis Bag
Wine Accessories
Car Electronics
Gun and Tackle
Rechargeable Toothbrush
Stenciling Supplies
Answering Machines
Body Calipers
Chondroitin Sulfate
Color Laptop
Compact Digital Cameras
DVD Copier
Electronic Chess Set
Emergency Food
Ergonomic Keyboards
Ethernet Switches
Flat Screen Monitor
Karaoke Machine
Model Ship
Musical Instrument
Night Therapy
Office Products
Office Stationery
Online Tax Software
Pop up Books
Portable Headphones
Printer Toners
Stereo Amplifiers
The Party Store
Toy Storage Box
Trumpet Stand
Vegas Slot Machine
Widescreen Monitor
Baseball Batting Helmet
Baseball Masks
Bike Trainers
Cuticle Trimmers
Electric Grater
Foil Shavers
Induction Cookers
Mini Gyms
Moustache Trimmers
Newborn Stroller
Nose Trimmers
Rechargeable Lighting
Scuba Diving Watchtes
Scuba Mask
Shake Flashlights
Baby Socks
Baby Bassinettes
Babysitter Monitor
Beauty Mask
Bed comforters
Boot cut Leggings
Broiling Pan
Cake Decorating Supplies
Champagne Stoppers
Chandelier Earrings
Chewable Fish Oil
Christmas Light
Coal Stoves
Custom Baby Pillow
Diamond Hoop Earring
Fac shaving
Fashion Wallets
Fleece Jackets
Formal Shawls
Fragrant Candles
Gold Chokers
Herbal Facial
Humidity Control
Ice Cream Maker
Laceup Boot
Lacy Bra
Log Splitting Equipment
Makeup Cases
Mary Janes
Metric Socket Sets
Nail Enhancements
Newboard Hats
Outdoor Deep Fryer
Spandex Shorts
Toddler Boots
Unique Scrubs
Waterproof Concealer
Wrap around Dress
Wrap Cardigan
Wrinkle Free Dress Shirt
Animal Pinatas
Bachelorette Parties
Blood pressure Monitor
Designer Key Rings
Hairdryer Diffuser
Handheld Vacuum
Home Copier
Immune Boosts
Knife Block
LCD Flat Panel Monitor
Led Zeppelin Albums
Magnesium Malate
Personal Scooters
Wrap Dresses
Aloe Vera Gel
Anti Aging Complex
Car Adapter
Colored Hair Extensions
Digital Voice Recorders
iPod Wall Charger
PCI Wireless Adapter
Tooth Whitenings
USB Keyboard Adapter
UV Cream
UV Moisturizer
USB Memory Stick

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  • Eric says:

    Thanks for sharing all your progress Rob. I enjoy reading about the ecosystem you are building out!

  • tc says:

    Wow. Extremely impressed with the rollouts and thank you for sharing as well.

    Also with specifically, seems like part of the future of search/relevant information is social search, not just static pages imho..


  • Frank Michlick says:

    Thank you for sharing Rob. I love the frontpage on, but it seems that any click from there will lead you to “QuestionLand” for a number of cities and also loses the brand. Are those subdomains under your domains? I saw Looking forward to seeing where this partnership with YouSaidit takes

    • Rob Monster says:

      @Frank Michlik – Thanks for the feedback. Questionland.TheStranger is an example of a network partner. I think this is a good illustration of where can tie together a federated network of niche communities that combine community and content. The Epik network has started to roll out the Q&A engine as well and will deploy more than 1 million sites during the next 90 days.

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