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So what exactly is a Developer anyway: Donald Trump or Steve Jobs?

By September 10, 2010 February 27th, 2017 6 Comments

At Epik, we use the term Developer to describe the community of entrepreneurs that are building out domains on the Epik Platform. The interesting thing about the term Developer is that it means different things to different people. If you come from Real Estate you might think Donald Trump.  If you come from Computing or Internet, you might be thinking Steve Jobs. So, who would you expect to find at an Internet Real Estate Development Conference? Donald Trump or Steve Jobs?

Conferences provide some insight
As with TRAFFIC or DomainFest, the predominant demographic of the registered attendance for the Epik Developer Conference is not technical.  The largest Developers building on Epik  are overwhelmingly coming from a Real Estate background.  In the past, they Developed hotels, restaurants, houses, condos, offices, cottages and cabins.  And in most cases, they made money, at least until the recent economic downturn started to play havoc with the residential and commercial real estate business model.

Real Estate Developers intuitively understand the importance of LOCATION. On the web, the location is measured largely by the caliber of your web address.  The alternative path to credibility would be to spend heavily on building a brand.  Consider for a moment, Epik is a brand. How much did we spend on developing that brand? A lot.  And even though we are reasonably adept at SEO, we are still not top-ranked by Google for our #1 keyword “Domain Development”. Huh?

Location, Location, Location. Think MLS not DNS.

So which is it — Donald Trump or Steve Jobs?
This leads me to the definitive question — is an Internet Real Estate Developer more like a Donald Trump or a Steve Jobs?

According to a scientific survey of attractive women, it turns out that The Donald has a 96% rating for “Women magnetism”.  As for Steve Jobs’ “Women magnetism”, in the same highly scientific study, Steve Jobs was a lowly 85% rating for Women magnetism. Case closed. The Donald wins.

So, what’s the big difference between The Domain Developer and The Donald?  The Donald has to worry about finding tenants and about guests making messes in the guest rooms.   The Domain Developer doesn’t.

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  • Dan says:

    For entertainment purpose, I would have to disagree. Steve Jobs has a full understanding of location and successfully developing on the internet. Where I’ve never seen Mr. Trump behind a keyboard 🙂

  • Rob Monster says:

    In all sincerity, I actually think it is both.

    Both are impresarios at creating user experiences that are wrapped around brands. I think domain developers can learn a lot from both.

    The main reason for the post is because some people believed that DevCon would be too technical for them. I wanted to address that myth.

    I also think the next wave of Domaining offers significant scope for value creation and innovation. These 2 Developers embody that in a big way.

  • TJ says:

    In my eyes, at the base – and eyond the IT “developer/api/programmer/etc” niche – is money. Does a developer make money? If no, then he is a bad developer. If yes, then he is a good developer.

    Both Steve & Don clearly are in terms of making money for themselves and shareholders/aapl & Don/to a letter extent.

    If a developed product generates money for all parties, then they are successful developers. It’s all about the money.

  • abe says:

    @TJ – If a developed product generates money for all parties, then they are successful developers.
    — It is about the bottom line.

    @Rob-In all sincerity, I actually think it is both.
    — If I really had to play on the words-then its as you said, about getting the “Jobb-Don”.. 🙂

  • TJ says:

    Abe – I don’t agree on what makes a good developer. Who was a better inventor – Tesla or Einstein? One was a better business man than inventor, and the other a better – some would argue – a better inventor than business man.

    Einsten made the money. Tesla, not so.

    Trump’s Trump Entertainment Resorts did not develop as plan when they filed for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy twice which pained his investors: He shielded himself. I know investors who did not pan out so well with Trump’s involvement.

    Jobs has proven to be able to reinvent new products, make the right choices, and provide winning opportunities to investors. He had some setbacks, but not like Trump.

    I’ll take Einstein and Jobs – over Tesla and Trump.

  • pycak says:

    You must mean Edison. Unless you count Einstein’s patent for a burner-powered refrigerator, he was neither an inventor nor a businessman. Tesla was a much better inventor than a businessman. Hard to argue with that.

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