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Start the conversation with an Epik Wiki — it is free

By July 4, 2010 February 27th, 2017 20 Comments

Happy Independence Day.

One of the early promises of the Internet was that it would lead to a proliferation of independent media targeting an ever-expanding array of topics. On the surface, the 1st amendment would appear to be alive and well. Yet the web is still dominated by a collection of top 100 sites that dominate traffic on the web and, by inference, these sites also dominate the resulting message. Even Wikipedia has become mainstream and has embraced centralized policy for content management rather than the federated and democratic model with which is was first conceived. Today, on this annual celebration of the Birth of the Republic, I am pleased to announce the release of Epik’s Multimedia Wiki — a free hosted content management system for Wiki-based content. seems like a fitting tribute
I have owned the domain name for some months. I picked up the domain on the drop in January. When I acquired it, I had a clear image in my mind that it should be used for a tribute site to an exemplary Citizen, Patriot, and Orator. During his Presidency, JFK took on some audacious challenges, not the least of which was taking a public stance on the existence of secret societies in America. It is with this speech, that the begins. Since there are people far more knowledgeable about JFK than I am, it makes sense to hand it over to the community. As such, feel free to add to the JFK Speech Wiki.


Wikipedia was a good idea. It is time to federate it.
Wiki sites can be used for any topic. It is ideal for situations where the collective has more access to relevant content than any single individual. Wiki technology has not substantially evolved since the first major Wiki platform, Wikipedia. In particular, most Wiki platforms fall short when it comes to integrating multimedia. The Epik Wiki platform merges the notion of a community-edited Wiki with versatile site editing features more typical of content management systems like WordPress. Each Wiki is hosted on its own domain, and combine features for content and community in a single site.

In the below example, the golf tribute site was auto-generated by the Epik Wiki platform. The resulting site is editable. The Wiki generator provided a kick start to the site. After that, registered users take over the editing of the site. And for those of you who don’t know, Bubba Watson is an up and coming golfer with a killer drive off of the tee. While I am not much of a golfer, I fully appreciate the athletic challenge of hitting a ball straight for 400 yards! I also appreciate that there are a lot of folks who know a lot about golf that don’t know much about how to create and manage websites. This is where the notion of a hosted Wiki is helpful.

In short, Domainers can help those with knowledge by starting the conversation. If you are sitting on domains that correlate to a topic suited to community-based authoring, today is your lucky day. In particular, all those folks sitting on .org domains that map to search-worthy topics, the Epik Wiki platform offers a turn-key solution for breathing life into domains that would otherwise go unused, and also undiscovered by the major search engines.

Setting up an Epik-powered Wiki site is free and could not be easier
To create a Wiki site on Epik, follow these steps:

1. Change your DNS to NS1.EPIKWIKI.COM and NS2.EPIKWIKI.COM.

2. Once the DNS has propagated, visit the site and your Wiki site will start building. Wait a minute or so and the site is ready for use.

3. To edit the content, just register or login and you will see a full-featured WYSIWYG editor.


The resulting site has a few interesting characteristics:

  • The initial sites are auto-generated. While not perfect, it is quite good in terms of matching the domain to relevant content with which to start a Wiki.
  • All Epik Wiki sites utilize the single-sign-on. Once you are registered, you can login and edit on any site in the Epik network that is user-editable.
  • Comments that are made on any Wiki site are also syndicated to, a searchable repository of comments across the Epik network.

Although it is still early days for the Epik Wiki platform, it fits into Epik’s larger plans around making domains as relevant as ever in the next phase of the Internet. It is also fitting to announce the Wiki platform on Independence Day. I invite you to give it a try and give us feedback on how you would like to see it improved.

Independent Media in the US is a Right and a Privilege — neither should be taken for granted
The constitutional rights that we all take for granted in the United States are subject to interpretation. The guardians of these constitutional rights are the Justices of the Supreme Court. If you ever read The Federalist Papers, you may recall that the Founding Fathers embraced “Separation of Powers” vis-a-vis The Executive Branch (President and Cabinet), The Legislative Branch (Congress) and The Judicial Branch (Supreme Court). By design, the Supreme Court is theoretically the equal of the other 2 branches.

The Judicial debates around Freedom of the Press (First Amendment) and the Right to bear Arms (Second Amendment) are heating up again. Specific to the 1st Amendment, the Internet has an important role to play in promoting the free flow of ideas. As a publishing medium it is unmatched for efficiency. However, the internet of today still only does a modest job of helping readers to figure out what content is authoritative enough to be worth reading. This is where innovation is needed — and soon.

Ultimately, the web will either become good at self-regulating, or it will become regulated. The internet is too important to the functioning of our connected society to treat it with “benign neglect”. The architects of the next web have a shared duty to preserve the Founding Fathers intent of “Freedom of the Press” while preserving accountability for individual expression. Anonymity has its place but to the extent that it is abused, we invite regulation. Personally, I prefer self-regulation and personal accountability.

Join the discussion 20 Comments

  • Will says:

    I like your style, Rob. Thanks for creating and sharing the Epik Wiki platform. I recently registered a “celebrity” domain name and wasn’t sure what to do with it. This gives me a great and noble option for it. Happy 4th.

  • VRtv says:

    HI Happy Independence Day.

    > If you are sitting on domains
    > that correlate to a topic suited to community-based authoring
    > ,
    > today is your lucky day.

    any geo-domain [[ city//county//country//river//mountain//etc ]] is valid ,
    correct ??

    >> Setting up an Epik-powered Wiki site is free and could not be easier
    >> To create a Wiki site on Epik, follow these steps:
    >> 1. Change your DNS to NS1.EPIKWIKI.COM and NS2.EPIKWIKI.COM.
    >> 2. Once the DNS has propagated,
    >> visit the site and your Wiki site will start building.
    >> Wait a minute or so and the site is ready for use.

    please let me take my as a example

    b4 setting up ,
    do i need to make a submission o’ for Epik’s permission first ??


  • Rob Monster says:

    @VRtv — Actually, no permission is required to turn domains into a hosted Wiki. The owner simply changes the DNS to NS1.EPIKWIKI.COM and NS2.EPIKWIKI.COM.

  • VRtv says:

    please let us pre-assume i own

    may i insert my ad_code in to my Epik-powered Wiki_style’s ??

    may i make any content o’ my Epik-powered Wiki_style’s
    to bcome un_edittable or undeletable , such as :: my adsense code ??


  • Tim says:

    Hey Rob…..I think you might have something here more powerful than your product development platform.

    This seem more like combo of a blog and a wiki….sort of.

    The only things I possibly see negative is the comments are syndicated to and the simple one page site. Won’t that bring up duplicate content issues and lack of pages issues and then maybe get the Wikis deindexed like what has plauged WhyPark?

    Outside this, I love it. Nice job…..clever.

  • Rob Monster says:

    @Tim – Thanks for the feedback. It works quite well. I have been getting private messages today from folks who are using it and liking it. So, yes, we are excited to be releasing this platform. Much more to come from this MediaWiki platform.

    As for duplicate comments, actually it is not duplicate. What we syndicate on is just a 140 character abstract, with a back-link to the site where the full comment can be seen. We are doing the same thing with This is all part of the Web 3.0 architecture that is slowly unfolding.

    Very important about all of this is the engagement of a community enthusiasts. Duplicate content is a non-issue once a community of enthusiasts begin to engage. We have seen this work with Squidoo, Hubpages and Wikipedia and are simply porting that model to domain-centric model.

  • Tim says:

    Hey Rob….I can’t seem to register as it is telling me every user name I try is taken…..even “Chang Tang “was taken.

    Also, how do I put the domain as the title?
    Does the Epik logo remain at the top?
    How do I add Adsense?


  • Tim says:

    I have add that it is very clean looking which you don’t see too often in generated sites.

  • EPIK continues to announce impressive innovative developments for the industry. At this hypergrowth pace, it will be interesting to see how EPIK involves over the next few years. So when is the IPO? ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you had a nice 4th!

  • Rob Monster says:

    @Tim – We are setting up a secure mechanism for inserting your Adsense Publisher ID for sites where your email address is the WHOIS registrant. Create your sites and then when the site is activated an email goes to the WHOIS registrant indicating how to activate your Adsense and perform other utility functions.

    As for, since we use all over the Epik network, a lot of the names are taken. For kicks, I created “chang-the-tang”. I will send you the password. It does work. We’ll work on the messaging for new registrants to help them find an available user name.

    As for the logo, it is currently Epik by default. We’ll look into allowing the registered user to upload a custom logo or header. I agree that this can be high impact. However, to be clear, the intent is not to be a full blown CMS. The intent is to be a super-simple Wiki editor that anyone can use. There is risk of being over-engineered and our initial goal is SIMPLICITY.

  • Rob Monster says:

    @Leonard – Thanks for the feedback. The MediaWiki has been a side project but one that powers a growing number of domains for which we would rather crowd-source development. We figured it was working well enough to make more broadly available.

    As for IPO, for now, we are enjoying life as a privately-held company that is focused on helping our network partners to build profitable websites. The best way for us to do that is to be very resource efficient and to pass those efficiencies on to the folks who choose to build on our platform.

  • VRtv says:

    through firefox ,
    v editted our EpikWikis-powerred-site

    thanks again , 2w

  • Todd says:

    What user name, password does an Epik customer use?

    How does this Wiki impact search results for Epik sites?

    • Rob Monster says:

      @Todd – If you create a user name on any Epik Wiki site that identity will work on any Epik Wiki site and on And vice versa.

      The identity management approach is being standardized across all of Epik to use as part of the upgrade of to be released later this month.

      Also, as part of the upgrade, you will have a global single-sign-on with a shared global cookie so that once you are logged in you should be able to go from site to site without having to login again. Work in progress but getting there.

  • Blake Moser says:


    You simply rock. I’m trying this out with my recent catch Perfect for a Job Wiki wouldn’t you agree :-).



    • Rob Monster says:

      @Blake Moser — Enjoy. More to come from Epik, including more effective ways to build great sites inexpensively as part of an integrated network. And looks good!

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