SwapBook for Epik SwapFest is live for download

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The much-anticipated SwapBook for this week’s Epik SwapFest is live. Herewith you will find the download of the SwapBook along with answers to questions about the process leading up to the Dutch auction on Friday for whatever remains from the Swap inventory.  A supplemental list of names will be published on Friday morning including names picked up during this week through swap transactions.

Download the Epik SwapBook here

Or Click here for the Excel Spreadsheet

Why a SwapFest?
At Epik, we are committed to addressing one of the largest structural challenges that impact the domain industry: the absence of conventional liquidity.  The lack of cash with which to clear transactions has led to a slow down in the pace with which domains are getting into the hands of people who can add value to them through development.  To address this, Epik developed an alternative currency called EpikBucks.

Where is the Swapfest?
The first ever SwapFest event is being conducted as part of the Epik Developer Conference is a forum for clearing transactions that would normally not get done in a peer-to-peer format.  The culmination of the SwapFest is on the morning of September 17 when Epik will make a large pool of domains available that are either developed or are in development and can be purchased with EpikBucks or Dollars.

Why Dollars alone don’t always get the job done
Often times, the value of the raw land is increased by being able to consolidating names around a strategy, e.g. Person A wants geo names, and person B wants household appliances. However, if neither Person A nor Person B have cash, nor do either have domains that the other person wants, no transaction is completed.  This is a classic inefficient market where the only guys who get to participate are the ones with ample cash on hand.

What are EpikBucks?
EpikBucks are a primary basis through which Epik buys in domains that it views as being high potential for future development on the Epik platform.  EpikBucks are transferable, never expire, and can be converted into services or domain purchases from Epik and from Epik-approved partners. For purchases, EpikBucks convert on a on 1:1 basis to the US dollar listed prices.

Can I use EpikBucks to bid at auction?
During the Epik DevCon, EpikBucks can also be used as an accepted form of payment to settle bids made during the live auction or the extended auction.  If a domain is sold the selling party may elect to receive payment in the form of EpikBucks or cash, at their choice.  The non-cash option may be selectively attractive to the seller if their plans call for buying other domain names — a cashless, and non-taxable “like-for-like” exchange.

Can EpikBucks be converted to cash?
As of this writing, several Epik Developers are actively buying in EpikBucks, typically at 85 to 90 cents on the dollar.   While Epik does not redeem the EpikBucks for cash, we openly endorse the use of EpikBucks as medium of exchange and will serve as escrow agent between buyer and seller where EpikBucks transactions are involved.  Epik will actively facilitate a liquid market for EpikBucks.

How do I get more EpikBucks?
The easiest way to get more EpikBucks is to sell domain to Epik. In addition, we will regularly post transaction details at the conference community site ( about EpikBucks transactions. Details will include amounts, the buyer and what was acquired. Buyers of EpikBucks are welcome to make contact about buying EpikBucks from those who hold them.

What domain names does Epik buy in?
Epik is actively buying in domains that have high exact search volumes for TLDs that are known to have a good ability to develop into search-friendly destinations.   An approximate guide to the types of names that Epik is buying include:  .COM with a DQI of 500+,  .NET with a DQI of 1500+,  .US with a DQI of 10,000+, all other TLDs with DQI of 50,000+

What is Domain Quality Index (DQI)?
The DQI is calculated by multiple the exact search volume and multiplying by the average $ CPC.  The recommended source of statistics for computing DQI is or While the DQI will not always identify every development candidate, it will substantially filter domains that will be difficult into search-friendly websites.

What if I have a low DQI name that I really believe in but can’t develop?
Most domainers have domains that they really believe in but don’t appraise highly by conventional metrics.  For these names, we recommend using the online forum at to let others know if your domain holdings and an indication of what you would accept as fair compensation.

Which domains are being made available?
At a minimum, Epik is making available more than 3,000 domains. These are included in the SwapBook. In addition, before, during and after DevCon, Epik will continue to buy in more domains that Epik believes have high development potential.  These domains will also be made available to participants in the SwapFest program.

Why are there no prices in the Swap book?
During DevCon, Epik will regularly conduct bulk transactions for domains that are in its SwapBook.  On 9/17, domains remaining will be made available using a Dutch auction format where domains will be made available on a first come first serve basis at progressively falling prices starting at $9,999 and falling to $199.  The sale price includes both a domain name and a website.  The domains that are not sold at $199 will remain on Epik’s books.

Will there be other Swapfests?
The main Swapfest will be conducted annually at the Epik Developer Conference. In addition, Epik will be working with other conference organizers to schedule Swapfests around other conference events where domain investors are known to participate.  Online tools for ongoing Swap trades will also continue to evolve in the months ahead.

Join the discussion 7 Comments

  • In regard to Epik’s buying of domains (via EPIKbucks) with a DQI (.COM 500+, .Net 1500+, misc TLD 50K+), is there any rough guideline between the EPIK appraisal value or DQI and the granting of Epikbucks?

  • p.s. It would be useful to have a bulk submittal tool which utilizes the EPIK appraisal engine to filter for those names which meet the DQI criteria above.

  • Rob Monster says:


    As for pricing conventions, there is no hard and fast rule. We are looking for domains that fill gaps in the network that have high development potential. We are using buying at a discount to Estibot. is useful to get an indication of expected value for a developed site to a retail buyer.

    As for bulk submissions, we recommend Estibot. They are a close partner of Epik, and are actually at DevCon sponsoring. DevCon participants will be able to get a free trial of Estibot Pro. However, for anyone serious about domaining, I would say the $39.95 per month is a deal.

  • Viman says:


    Sounds very exciting. To be honest I am interested in buying only rather then swapping so for me it will be $$.

    Looking forward to the event.

    For some reason I am unable to download the excel version.

  • Great idea to address the lack of cash flow most of us have, but why not just create an environment that that encourages real swaping and trading and removes the aspect of money completely? That would be of interest to me.

    • Rob Monster says:

      Chris – All during DevCon, we will ENCOURAGE peer-to-peer swap. The Network.Epik.Com community portal is also a vehicle for making peer-to-peer connections. However, if you read the post, it explains why there is sometimes a need for a medium of exchange. It is definitely working. EpikBucks are not a substitute for peer-to-peer. It is an ADDITION. We love both, and will actively encourage both by building a trusted community of Developers who know how to spot a domain worth developing, and get it into the hands of someone who wants to develop it on terms that work for buyer and seller.

  • Rob Monster says:

    @Viman – The XLSX download is working fine. However, I sent it to you via email.

    @All – If anyone else needs a XLS file mailed to them, ping me at and we’ll get it to you asap. An addendum will be published sometime on Thursday for supplemental names picked up this week.

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