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The first SwapFest in Seattle was a surprise hit.  The efficient Dutch auction model made it possible to auction more than 3,000 domain assets in less than 90 minutes using an auction format that is fun and transparent.  The idea of SwapFest was big enough to justify developing a business around it.  To this end, I am pleased that is now live and that the SwapBook for SwapFest Miami is available for download.

SwapFest Miami is set for October 20 at the Loews Beach Hotel starting at 9 am
SwapFest will be on the morning of October 20, capping the TRAFFIC Miami conference.  SwapFest is free to attend.  Here are the main dates leading up to SwapFest-Miami

  • Friday, October 15 – Pre-bidding begins
  • Saturday, October 16  – Visit the SwapFest Hospitality Cabana at TRAFFIC to pick up a SwapBook.
  • Tuesday, October 19 – Pre-bidding ends
  • Wednesday, October 20 – SwapFest starts at 9 am with breakfast

Many thanks to the TRAFFIC team for allowing SwapFest to run concurrently to TRAFFIC.  Luke Webster, Kristine Oliver, Cliff Beer and I will be on hand from the Epik team, including an exhibit during TRAFFIC. We invite TRAFFIC attendees to find out more about SwapFest as well as about working with Epik.

What is different about SwapFest Miami?
Like most things, we hope to improve with each iteration.  SwapFest #2 in Miami is bigger and better.  Here is what is different:

  • Bigger inventory:  This SwapFest will include more than 5,000 listings.  The listings include more aged domains both from acquired portfolios and from Epik’s own holdings.
  • Premium listings:  This SwapFest also includes a small number of premium listings with low reserves.  The vast majority of the listings have a $249 reserve for a domain name with a website.
  • Pre-Bidding: At SwapFest #1, we often had simultaneous bids arrive. This created some risk that multiple bidders would bid for the same listing at the same price and be subject to luck of the draw as to whose bid sheet was received first.  While somewhat hilarious, it was not scientific. Pre-bidding is a partial solution.
  • Remote Bidding: At SwapFest #1, you had to be on site in order to participate.  A lot of people felt like they had missed out by not participating.  For people who think that the cost of a flight and hotel are better spent on buying domains, this is good news.

We have a few more innovations we are working on to make this a SwapFest to remember.  We hope to see you there!

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