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SwapFest-Miami – Update

By October 24, 2010 December 8th, 2010 No Comments

As expected, SwapFest-Miami was bigger and better. The participants in SwapFest-Miami came away with a nice haul.  The list of winning bids can be downloaded here.  SwapFest is now open for public bidding for the remaining inventory.  Bids will be accepted through Wednesday, 10/27 at 5 pm PT and announced by Friday, 10/29.  In this phase of SwapFest-Miami, the highest valid bid will be accepted.

Dutch Auction in Review
The SwapFest Dutch auction format was eye-opening for the first-time participants last Wednesday in Miami.  Within 75 minutes, SwapFest auctioned off nearly 5,000 domains with websites.  Unlike conventional auctions where one domain is auctioned off at a time, in SwapFest, all domains are auctioned simultaneously using a declining price schedule. For the uninitiated, this was something new.  For the experienced participants, it was open season.   The result was a record number of domains sold for a record level of SwapFest revenue.  Each domain sold includes a website which Epik continues to host at no additional cost to the new owner.

SwapFest Recap
SwapFest Miami started with a brief overview of Epik and a primer on the SwapFest auction format.  For anyone who missed SwapFest, the Slideshow for SwapFest-Miami was uploaded to  You can see it here:

Congratulations to the winning bidders in SwapFest-Live. We’ll post the results of SwapFest-Extended on 10/27.

Many thanks to TRAFFIC for their cooperation in making SwapFest part of TRAFFIC Miami.  Plans are under way to conduct another SwapFest as part of the program for TRAFFIC San Francisco in March immediately prior to ICANN Meeting 40.

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