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Temporary Insanity: We just bought our first .mobi

By June 24, 2010 February 27th, 2017 14 Comments

I never thought I would do this but I guess there is a first for everything. Luke Webster — SVP Operations at Epik, and President of the DevRich business unit — convinced me that we should buy   I trust Luke’s instincts and am rolling with him on this one.

The logic of owning
The business logic here is in three parts:

  • Mobile SEO will likely emerge as a category: There is little debate that SEO is a strategic keyword. The SEO profession is far from done growing. We also anticipate the mobile search will have its own unique challenges with regards to SEO.   So, the logic here is that SEO for mobile search will be a somewhat unique competency for which a generation of service providers will emerge.
  • The SEO keyword is competitive and worth owning:   We already provide SEO services for our own fast-growing content network, and for which we are buying a lot of  outside SEO services. As such, we could even trade for a bundle of future SEO services from someone who needs to own this name. For us, it is nice to have.
  • The price was right:  The deal included a package of 4 other telecom-related names:,,, and  The combined price was fair with appropriate discounting for the longevity risk for the .MOBI TLD.

All that said, worst case, I am going to plead temporary insanity on this one. So, save the below “Certificate of Insanity” for later.  It might come in handy!


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  • Bill says:

    Congratulations. That’s a good acquisition. You’re both thinking ahead not backwards and looking wide not with blinders on. Many domainers are lukewarm (to put it nicely) or dismissive of the extension but it continues to grow organically worldwide. is the best, shortest keyword targeting a growing segment of the inevitable huge future mobile market. Offering SEO services and having the term in .mobi gives you instant added credibility and built in affinity to businesses using a .mobi site as part of their online presence. And having the name doesn’t hurt for marketing those same services to clients for their sites with mobile subdirectories. SEO as it pertains to mobile will definitely be an evolving art and science with its own nuances compared to straight big screen web as you mentioned.

    Every additional website that you help your clients put up with good SEO (.mobi or mobile in this case) provides them more welcome mats / doorways to attract and sell their potential customers. Gotta love the expanding web pie. Developers and web service providers should be welcoming the added work and revenue streams that the mobile web including .mobi can bring them.

    Best of luck with the name and project. Given your experience and reputation, the industry will be watching with interest.

    Get ready for the inevitable drive-by anti-mobi bashing by the vocal esgment of the blinders-wearing crowd..

  • Luke Webster says:

    LOL Yes I am sure that announcing a .mobi acquisition will attract some laughs. I pushed on this deal rather strong. I am pretty sure we will be happy with this small investment.


  • M. Menius says:

    I second Bill’s comments. .MOBI has quite a number of established websites and a real footprint after 4 years. can evolve into a good investment. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  • Joe Davison says:

    That’s the first logical explanation for a .mobi investment I’ve seen.

  • Greg says:

    Nice 3 letter domain, you are not crazy, maybe crazy like a fox. If the price was right excellent. I recently bought my first .mobi and thought why why why but it was very descriptive also.

  • Great keyword…still not a fan of the extension. I did a test once about a year ago and asked 20 random people in the street if they ever heard of .mobi. Only 1 person said “yeah, somebody told me about that thing.”

    HOWEVER, if developed, it will work for you…

    That being said, I am selling for only $300. I paid over $2,000.

    Let me know if interested…

  • Victor says:

    I bought I think if you can get a one-word domain that is generic, it can be profitable. So, is a great buy.

  • Luc Biggs says:

    I think it was a wise investment and you will reap the reward in the not-too-distant future.

    I only have 4 .MOBI names (all 4 sale):

  • Scott Macket says:

    .TV would a been a much wiser move than mobi but good luck

  • Jason says:

    Good pickup. A few newspapers wrote about the death of .mobi. I still think the extension is under developed. Once companies invest more into the extension, there will be more future interest in .mobi.

    I own,,,, and I’m looking to move these domains because graduate school siphoned all my money. Couldn’t even make my graduation tomorrow in DC. is a quality domain. Good luck!


  • Not a bad buy at all, keywords and three character .mobi sell from time to time for decent prices. SEO is a strong keyword in almost any extension. .mobi hasn’t taken over the world but it is far from dead and will always have it’s own niche of users. Mobile is a growing market and the extension does tailor to it. Good luck!

  • Viman says:

    I think its a great buy. If I had the chance then I would have bought for sure as I am in the web development and SEO business. And I agree 1 word .mobi are worth the value. Even if you setup a normal site it will climb the charts as I have seen with few of my names.

    I have the following – if anyone interested then let me know.

  • Jason says:


    Nice .mobi collection. I think the extension is under developed. It should regain its popularity once companies begin to invest more time into developing them. While I value my .org domains, I’m starting to think that it is hard to make any type of sale. I’m in one of those ruts right now.

    Almost four months since my last sale. I put up nearly 60 domains on Bargain Domains in the past 4 months. None have received any attention. I assumed and would generate some interest. I invested into the roulette domains. No bites yet.

    Strong collection. You have a good chance at possibly moving recently sold for $11,000. Since blackjack and poker are two of the most popular casino card games, I would invest time into moving the domain.


  • Clay says:

    OK, so I finally plunged as well – picked up these 2:

    Thinking I’ll try to flip DBMS and maybe co-develop Cents as it could go as a mobile payment site for small transactions or a few other potential uses.

    We’ll see I guess if I wasted the fee 🙂
    Anyone know of a brandable payment site that might have a mobi interface? Time for some Google searches I guess….

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