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The shell game

By April 8, 2010 February 27th, 2017 One Comment

It has been a little busy over here at Epik HQ. As a result, there has not been as much time to comment on the global economy.  For anyone needing a quick update on what is going on with fiat currencies, and the US dollar in particular, here is an informative post on a great site.

The site is a personal favorite, called ZeroHedge, which is slightly irreverent but provides a perspective on the financial markets that is not available from mainstream media. Their coverage of Greek economy and the collateral risk to the European Monetary Union is unmatched.

The author of the article, entitled “The Greatest Shell Game Ever”, is Chris Martenson, who runs a site of his own at  Here is the link to the article. His crash course is a video primer on the present state of the economy and how we got here. It is slightly depressing for anyone who is not naturally optimistic. You can check out the crash course here.

Another entertaining pundit on global finance is Max Keiser, who operates Here is a typical video post from earlier today:

I believe the more you research, the more you will agree that Domains are better than Dollars which I have explained here and here.

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