The recent launch of the Epik Marketplace has generated a great deal of interest in registering domains with Epik.  Why?  Aside from offering a full-service customer-friendly registrar, domains that are registered at Epik are able to list in the Epik Marketplace and be visible to a fast-growing audience of predominantly end-users.  There have been a number of questions on how to transfer domains into Epik.  GoDaddy is one of the main places from where users are transferring domains.   It turns out that transferring domains from GoDaddy into Epik is really quite easy. Here are the steps for migrating a large number of domains from GoDaddy to Epik:

Step 1: Login to your Godaddy Account

Step 2: Click on the ‘Manage All’ link

Step 3: Select the Domains you want to Transfer.

Step 4: Now ‘Unlock‘ the domains you want to transfer by clicking on “Settings -> Unlock” option as shown below –

Step 5: Ensure domains are unlocked successfully. Click on the ‘Export’ option to initiate download of domains and Authcode.

Step 6: Enter the details like Report name, Export options, Display columns, File Format, File Format and select ‘Include domain authorization code‘ checkbox.

Step 7: Click on ‘OK’ button after entering all details and user will be displayed with confirmation dialog

Step 8: Click on ‘Download now‘ link to download .CSV file in a spreadsheet software like Excel and then delete the unwanted columns keeping only the Domain Name and the auth codes columns

Step 14 - Open CSV delete unwanted columns copy domain names and authcodes

Step 9: Now login to your account in a new browser tab / window

Step 10: Go to the transfer domains page by visiting

Step 16 - Go to Epik Transfer page

Step 11: Enter the domain names and auth codes copied from the CSV list file and click on the Next Step button

Step 17 - Enter the domain names and auth codes copied from the csv file

Step 12: Click on the Continue Button

Step 18 - Click Continue

Step 13: Accept the Terms and click Checkout and checkout using your payment method on the next page.

Step 19 - Accept the Terms and click Checkout

Step 14: Now go back to your godaddy account and click on Domains on the top menu. Then click on Transfers

Step 20 - Go to godaddy account and click on Domains and Transfers

Step 15: Click on ‘Pending Transfers Out’. If you have started the transfers at Epik, the domains will show up here after a while. Select the domains and click on the Accept / Decline button on the top which will become active when you select the domains.

Step 21 - Click Pending transfers out select the domains and click Accept

Once you have accepted the transfers at godaddy, the transfers should complete in a short while and the domains will show up in your Epik account. You can refresh your Epik account or check after a couple of minutes / hours.

If you face any issues at any point, you can always reach us via chat, email or phone.

Note on Registrar Locking:  Many registrars make it difficult to transfer a domain out of their registrar. Epik will always cooperate with transfer-out requests and in most cases will release a domain within 24 hours rather than the customary 5 day wait period.  We do not and will not arbitrarily registrar-lock your domain unless required to do so by ICANN or UDRP.  If your registrar has a registrar-lock on your domain and your domain is more than 60 days old, please contact us at for assistance with navigating your registrar’s locking policy.


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