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Transferring Domains from NameCheap to Registrar

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The recent launch of the Epik Marketplace has generated a great deal of interest in registering domains with Epik.  Why?  Aside from offering a full-service customer-friendly registrar, domains that are registered at Epik are able to list in the Epik Marketplace and be visible to a fast-growing audience of predominantly end-users.  There have been a number of questions on how to transfer domains into Epik.  Namecheap, Godaddy, etc. are some of the main places from where users are transferring domains.   It turns out that transferring domains from Namecheap into Epik is quite easy. Here are the steps for migrating a large number of domains from Name Cheap to Epik.

Whenever we want to transfer domains from one Registrar to Another Registrar, we need to satisfy the below 3 prerequisites :

  1. Domain to be transferred should Not be in 60 days lock.
  2. We need a Domain name and their respective Auth codes to initiate the transfer of domains from Leaving Registrar to Gaining Registrar <we will discuss how to get auth code for Namecheap domains in this article indetail>
  3. Domain should be unlocked first at your leaving registrar i.e. at NameCheap before you start domain transfer <we will learn how to get unlock the domain(s) at NameCheap in this article below>

Brief Steps

In brief, it is 3 steps process as mentioned below. However, you can go through the detailed steps under the “Detailed Steps” section –

  1. At, First, unlock all the domains that you wish to transfer.
  2. Once unlock is done, Get your Authcodes to your email.
  3. Then From the site, Initiate the transfer of your domains to Epik with the help of Authcode of your domains,

Detailed Steps:

Step1: First go to leaving registrar i.e. and login to their site

Step2: Click on the ‘Sign In‘ menu available at the top left and enter your registered username and password and click on the “Sign In” button.

Step3: Once logged in, click on the ‘Domain list‘ menu item to see the list of your domains as shown in the below screenshot.

Step4: Now select the checkbox for all the domains which you wish to transfer out to Epik as shown in the below screenshot

Step5:  After selecting all domains, click on the “Actions” menu -> select the “Transfer Out” option as shown in the below screenshot –

Step6: User will be prompted with a “Transfer-out” popup where we need to select 1) Domain Lock: “Unlock all” and 2) select the checkbox “I want to receive auth code..” and click on “Save and Send Authcodes” button.

Step 7: User will get a confirmation message saying “Pages updated. change are processing. We’ll send you an email once completed” should be displayed to the user.

Step8: Now after some time, you will receive an email for Each domain with auth code as shown below –

Please note down the respective domain name and its Auth code for each domain. Now you are done with the process from NameCheap side i.e. you have unlocked domains and also received Auth codes as well.

Step9: Now Go to the Epik site i.e. URL in another tab and click on the “SIGN IN/REGISTER” button available at the top right corner. The user will be navigated to the secure Epik SSO login page (Federated Identity page)

Step 10: Now enter your valid Epik username and password details and click on the “Login” button. Please note if you don’t have an Epik account, please create an account first by clicking on the “Register” button for free.

Step11: Once logged in successfully, the user is navigated to the “Domain portfolio” page as shown below.

Step12: Now click on the “Transfers” -> “Transfer Domains to Epik” option from the top menu as shown in the below screenshot.

Step13: The user will be navigated to the “Domain Transfer” page where the user has to enter the list of “Domains” followed by “Authcode” with only 1 domain name  per line

Step14: Now enter the list of domains you wish to transfer and their Auth codes (noted in step 8 above) in the text area field as shown below and then click on the “Next Step” button for processing.


Step15: User will be navigated to a Preview page where you can review the list of domains and Order summary like pricing etc.


Step 16: Click on the ‘Continue‘ button and the user will be navigated to the final order summary page where the Epik system will suggest additional domains you wish to add to transfer to Epik.

If you are interested in additional domains, please select the checkbox “Yes, include all additional domains” option otherwise click the ‘Continue‘ button with current domains.


Step17: Now the user will be navigated to the Final checkout page, click the button “Check Out” and continue to the payment option.


Step18: On the Payment page, you can select the desired payment options like a Credit card, Bitcoin, Crypto, Alipay, etc., and complete the payment process. Now you are done with domain transfer initiation.


Step19: Generally transfer may take few hours to few days, To track the transfer status for all your incoming domains, Go to the Doman portfolio page and then click on “Transfers” -> “Get Transfer Status”  and check your incoming domains current status under “Into EPIK” section as shown in below screenshots –










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