Followers of Epik know of our mission to bring Integrated Domain Name Asset Management not just to a handful of domainers, but into the mainstream. Epik is committed to providing industry-leading customer service while at the same time empowering users of all skill levels to become effective managers of their domain and website portfolios.

There are three primary ways in which we aim to “democratize” this concept. First, some large scale domainers owners often have access to powerful but complex tools that let them better manage their domains. At Epik, we strive to provide all users this level of control over their domain portfolios, even if they own just a single domain. Unfortunately, this level of control often comes at the expense of added complexity, which segues nicely to the second major tenet: designing a user interface that hides complexity without removing functionality, scaling seamlessly from the novice to the expert. Our goal is to make things simple, NOT simplistic. And third, we have always prided ourselves on offering what we call Legendary Customer Service, so that no matter how complex the problem, we will help you through it.

Setting a Very High Bar

Like painting the Golden Gate Bridge, software development of a registrar platform is a task that will never be complete — there is always room for improvement.  As part of our goal of building the domain industry’s preferred solution for Domain Management, we have recently revamped that part of our system that controls the most classical registrar functions, including setting up host records, name servers, WHOIS, and forwarding domains.

You can see that we have started with a new and reorganized Manage Menu. One highlight of this more scalable design are the subheadings for each menu items, which give you a better idea of what each items does.

The bulk of the improvements, however, appear in the new Domain Manager system, which has been organized around the main domain management tasks.

You will also notice that the dialogs present the most basic items as a default. You can expand sections as needed to set up less common features. This ensures that experienced domain owners can configure their system as necessary while not overwhelming the average user who only needs to access a few configuration fields.

You will note that the fourth task section is called Services. As web services such as Google Apps and Office 365 become more popular, more and more users are being sent to their registrar to make certain necessary changes to their domain settings. These settings are usually spread across several different parts of a registrar’s system, but we have consolidated them into a single, targeted form for each web service. We expect this to save our users a significant amount of time and confusion.


These changes are just the beginning of planned improvements to Epik’s system. I invite you to take a look at these new configurations tools and try them out.


Looking Ahead

November is going to be a big month for Epik and our customers, as we will be launching several major new features and updates. Most notably, Epik will be dramatically increasing the number of TLDs (top level domains) and ccTLD (country code TLD) we support. Instead of just .COM, .NET, and .CO, Epik will soon support almost every TLD and ccTLD available. From the more common .ORGs and .INFOs to country specific TLDs like, .de, etc, you will soon be able to manage your entire domain portfolio, no matter how exotic some of them might be. We will also be stepping up our support for internationalized domain names (IDN), that is, domain names written in non-Latin languages like Arabic or Chinese. In short, Epik will be well positioned to brings it vision of Integrated Domain Name Asset Management to a global audience.

And, just in time for the holiday season, November will also see improvements in the Epik Marketplace that will make buying, selling, and leasing domains easier than ever. And, with improved support for third-party Multiple Listing Services, the reach, visibility, and inventory of our Marketplace will be greater than ever.

I hope you are as excited as we are about our upcoming releases. As always, we look forward to your always insightful feedback.

VP, Products

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