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Webcast debut on Wednesday, July 28 at 2 pm ET

By July 20, 2010 4 Comments

Owen Frager is pretty irresistible when he wants to be.   When he asked me to do a webcast, I was thinking something small scale and low profile.   It looks like it will be a well-attended broadcast. I am looking forward to the event and hope you will join us for what should be informative session including an announcement.

If you have not registered, please visit here:

This will the first time that I do a webcast, but hopefully it is still a fitting capstone for Owen’s impressive run of 40 webcasts. Fingers crossed!

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  • Louise says:

    Hi, That’s great! My signup didn’t go through, so I emailed Owen Frager, and asked him to sign me up manually.

    Already I have a couple questions in the comments:

    Show me the money
    Epik | Directories: A New Path to Revenue

    or I’ll try to bring them up, if I can get signed up. I’ll keep checking the above, tho. If you have time, I know you’ll get to them!

  • TJ says:

    Break a leg. We are all signed up.

  • This week’s webinar should be an interesting one. I’m sure most domainers considering development have a number of questions about EPIK’s development process and how sites are monetized. I thought the following questions might address typical domainer concerns about development:

    1) Understandably a new website will take some time to rank in the search engines, but based on EPIK’s experience with the different types of portals, what is the typical timeframe necessary to rank on page one of Google, Yahoo, Bing for a domain’s primary keywords? I would expect Google is the most difficult to rank for.

    2) For phrases which are competitive to rank for, how does EPIK approach development or SEO? Periodic content refreshes, additional backlink work, etc… If a site is not ranking well due to competitive factors, what is a typical solution? The reason this is important is that even a developed site on a highly-searched phrase can generate insignificant search traffic if there are millions of competing search results.

    3) If available, what percentage of EPIK portal search traffic is from Google, Yahoo, Bing? While I have read Google holds a 65-70% US search market share, if it is harder to rank new sites at Google, it is possible that Google search traffic for EPIK sites might be a smaller percentage.

    4) Does EPIK have any guidelines as to a minimal search volume necessary to justify investing in development? Understandably one cannot develop a domain with insignificant search volume and expect to generate a return to compensate for development costs. As well, are there cases when due to competitive factors that it is advisable to not develop because the site will have a difficult time ranking?

    5) What sort of sales turnover has EPIK seen thus far for those EPIK portal sites which have been put up for sale? I understand it will take some time for this concept to gain traction but am curious how many buyers are looking to acquire developed sites with traffic which are easily transportable.

    It would also be interesting to hear more about EPIK’s vision of the development landscape over the next few years.

  • Rob Monster says:

    @ Leonard – Great questions. What we don’t cover in the Web session on Wednesday, I am happy to come back and field via the blog forum.

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